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Amp Up Shine With a Glossy Hair Treatment

Make your hair shine brighter than a diamond.

Is your hair lacking in the luster department? Hair can lose its sheen and become dull and unruly for a variety of reasons. Weather changes, age, even just washing are just a few reasons. If your hair has become a dull, frizzy mess, then it may be time to bring out the big guns. Transform your dull strands into boastful, luscious locks with a gloss hair treatment.

A gloss hair treatment is the ultimate weapon for battling dullness in your locks. This rejuvenating treatment will turn back time on your damaged locks in appearance. It will also give you silky smooth tresses with a blindingly healthy shine. Get a crash course on this miracle treatment by reading below:

Gloss Hair Treatment 101: Everything You Need To Know About This Revolutionary Treatment

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Find out everything you need to know about gloss hair treatments!

What is a gloss hair treatment?

A gloss hair treatment, a.k.a. color glaze or glaze treatment, is supposed to boost shine, fortify damaged and dull locks, and smooth frizziness and broken hair. A gloss treatment can be colorless and just be for imparting shine or be tinted to give your locks a boost of fabulous tone.

However, tinted glosses shouldn’t be used as an alternative to regular hair dye if they’re used just to enhance the color of your locks. Whether you have colored locks or natural hair color, a tinted pigment can help add shine while brightening your hair pigment and perhaps even neutralize any brassiness.

Hair glossing is also a great way to condition your hair. This treatment has conditioning properties that may make the texture of your hair soften, as well as smooth out any frizz and kinks to your strands.

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Hair gloss treatments usually run for under $50, so if you’re a lady on a budget, you’re in luck. But, this treatment doesn’t last forever: on average, a gloss hair treatment usually lasts for approximately six weeks. If you notice your hair starting to get dull and frizzy again, washing your hair with TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo and TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Conditioner in the shower is a great way to boost sheen while softening your locks.

If you need an extra shine boost while taming frizzy flyaways, then you should grab a bottle of Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Smooth & Shine CreamThis serum is perfect for giving your hair a shiny, just stepped out of the salon chair finish. It makes hair perfectly smooth and full of sheen while smoothing down frizz and broken strands. Try it once and you’ll won’t ever want style your hair again without it!

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