11 Best Blowout Haircut Style Ideas for Black Men in 2021

Try this look on any hair length. 

What many don’t seem to know is that for a lot of black guys, the secret styling tool behind big and fluffy afros is the blowdryer. There are some guys that prefer to freestyle the look by picking hair out with a comb or an afro pick until they get the blowout haircut style they desire, but that can be a long process depending on your hair length. However, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to use a blowdryer to help you achieve the look much faster.

Once you’ve mastered how to use the blowdryer, you’re going to get addicted to using it to create your favorite hairstyles. Below, we’ve rounded up a few blowout haircuts looks you should try once you’ve got the hang of the tool. Read on, guys:

Not sure how to style a blowout on your natural hair? Keep scrolling to get inspo for your blowout haircut.

1. The Blowout Haircut Afro

blowout haircut: afro
Blow your hair out into a big afro style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Take your look to new heights with a fresh blowout. This is also a great way to make sure your barber gets an accurate cut on your hair. For a look that accentuates the volume more, ask for the style to be cut shorter on the sides.

2. Undercut Blowout Haircut

blowout haircut: undercut
Sleek proportions. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Try complementing your clean-shaven undercut with a long blowout style. This is a great way to show off your shaved side and make it stand out more.  Keep hair sleek and smooth with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

3. Combover Cut

blowout haircut: combover
Keep it sleek with a blunt cut. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Style your medium-length or long hair into a sleek blowout style. To update the cut, comb it over to the side to create this combover style. Sweeping your hair to one side is also a great way to add extra height to the look.

4. The Feathered Blowout

blowout haircut: feathered blowout
Create the piecey effect with your curls.

Blow your hair up and out to recreate this look. Use a styling paste like AXE Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste to create a piecey hairstyle.

5. Messy Sponge Curl Cut

blowout haircut: sponge curl
Add texture with sponge curls.

Want to add more life to your blowout style? Use a sponge to create sponge curls. This will create added texture that will last for days.

6. Flat Top Blowout Haircut

blowout haircut: flat top
Shape-shifter. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Sport your fresh flat top haircut with a blowout style. Wash hair with SheaMoisture Men African Black Soap & Tree Tea Oil 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to start your hairstyle off with a thick and full base. We love this 2-in-1 product because uses fair trade shea butter to nourish your hair while gently refreshing it.

7. Afro Blowout

blowout haircut: huge afro
Try this style when you don’t have time for a cut.

No time to get a fresh haircut? Or would you simply rather grow your hair out? You can try this massive afro blowout.

8. Round Cut

blowout haircut: round afro
The perfect dome.

Round haircuts create cool shapes on afro styles. Blow out your hair to put your perfectly rounded afro on display.

9. Short Afro

blowout haircut short afro
Keep it short and cool. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Opt for a mini blowout on your short haircut. Use a blow dryer with a comb attachment to create your style. We love this look because it’s perfect for any occasion.

10. Short Blowout

blowout haircut: short hair
Blowout your short high top.

Create an edgy blowout hairstyle with your fresh cut. To do this, play around with the length and try out shaved sides. This style is very similar to a short flat top cut!

11. Undercut Afro

blowout haircut: undercut
‘Fro goals! Photo credit: Dvora

Blow your hair out at the top to recreate this fluffy undercut afro style. Keeping the sides shorter is a great way to make your hair feel more manageable while still showing off that amazing volume.

Whether you’re going for a sleek long look with a shaved side or a voluminous afro style, there are so many ways you can wear a blowout haircut on natural hair.

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