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10 Favorite Vintage Hair Looks From The ’90s

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Girl-power hairstyles you can wear right now. 

The ’90s are hot again! Vintage hair looks from this grungy decade are childhood classics that have become modern looks all over again. Instead of giving you modern inspiration for your childhood cuts, we’re doing a blast from the past, as we’ve seen several runways and street style stars sporting versions of these definitive looks.

This era of hair looks was definitely iconic, and this roundup of vintage hair looks isn’t one to miss. Scroll down and spot your faves!

Top 10 ’90s Vintage Hair Looks

vintage hair looks 90s bob
The ultimate ’90s bob: laid-back with a relaxed flip. Photo credit:

1. The ’90s Bob

In the ’90s, bob haircuts all did one thing in common: the mini-flip. Some bobs flipped more than others, but they all had a semblance of a super flirty flip out, probably thanks to the bluntness of most cuts. To try out the ’90s flip on your modern bob, all you need to do is use your blowdryer and a roller brush (we like Nexxus Ibiza EX3 Round Hair Brush) to curl up the last inch or so of hair.

vintage hair looks crimped black hair
Crimping helps add dimension to dark hair.

2. Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is one of those ’90s vintage hair looks becoming extremely popular again. From the runways to your own backyard, hair that’s styled in tiny bends is back and stronger than ever. We even have a tutorial for faking crimped hair without the hot tools, for all those still on the fence.

vintage hair looks 90s spiky pixie
The spiky pixie was both cute and sassy at once.

3. Spiky Pixie

Super short hair wasn’t a huge ’90s trend, but for those who did go for the pixie, it was always spiky. The spiky look is easy to attain! All you need to do is style in your piecey texture with some wax, such as S Factor By TIGI Creamy Molding Wax.

vintage hair looks 90s straight
What we call this today: normcore hair. Photo credit:

4. Center-Parted Straight Hair

Super-duper straight hair done with a center part was number one of ’90s vintage hair looks. Fans of the hairstyle loved how it was versatile and fashionable/minimalistic at the same time. Pin-straight hair hasn’t really gone out of style since, and has seen a few nuances over the years, like changes in part lines.

vintage hair looks half pony
A ’90s-inspired half-pony isn’t complete without an elastic accessory! Photo credit:

5. The Half-Up Ponytail

If you look back through ’90s red carpet events, you’ll likely see many a young celeb with the slicked back, half-up ponytail. The half pony took a bit of a rest during the early 2000s, but now they’re back and better than ever! We love doing half updo hairstyles, but now with a little more curl and texture.

vintage hair looks wet
The wet look was subversive and sexy at the same time. Photo credit:

6. Wet Grunge Hair

The ’90s wet grunge look was so popular in the alt community. All you need to do to get the grungy wet look today is to rake a little bit of gel, like Nexxus New York Salon Care Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel, through wet hair. Make sure to let your hair dry in a messy style for the ultimate grunge appeal.

vintage hair looks tendrils braids
Tendrils can update your milkmaid braids with a bit of a ’90s touch. Photo credit: Dvora

7. Face-Framing Tendrils

Get the ultimate ’90s look by wearing skinny face framing tendrils with your center-parted hair. This trick softened up the severity of super straight hair, giving it a more romantic appeal. Just remember to spray hair with a frizz-fighting hairspray, such as TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Frizz-Control Hairspray, to keep away flyaways.

vintage hair looks layered lob
Remember “The Rachel?”

8. The Layered Lob

Adding tons of layers to a lob haircut was favored by so many in the later ’90s. This cut was swishy and fun (remember “the Rachel?”) and loved by all for its super-flattering dimensions.

vintage hair looks 90s bandana
Tie one on to give your everyday look some flair. Photo credit: Dvora

9. Bandana Headband

Nothing fills us with childhood nostalgia quite like a bandana headband. You could add a bandana to every ’90s hairstyle to instantly make it more casual and street-savvy. We still like bandanas today, worn with fun styles like the pineapple hairdo, or a simple top knot.

vintage hair looks twists
Opt for cornrows or twists to upgrade your top knot looks. Photo credit:

10. Tight Twists

Nothing quite says vintage hair looks from the ’90s quite like tight twists. These styles were often worn with spiky half updos with lots of butterfly hair clips. Alternatively, for more formal flair, twists were paired up with a chic bun. This is one of those styles that have seen a major resurgence today.

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18 December 2016