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Top 20 Most Instagrammable Hairstyles in the U.S.

It’s no secret that Instagram has been the go-to place to find hairstyle and haircut ideas to revamp your look. We’re always on the hunt for the biggest and best trends to try, we couldn’t help but wonder: what Instagrammable hairstyles pop up on our feeds most often?

To find out, we took a deep dive into the search data and Instagram hashtags to come up with the Top 20 Most Instagrammable Hairstyles in the U.S. right now. In the top spot, box braids and bobs were closely tied with 6.8m hashtags and 6.4m hashtags over all time with some interesting results for individual states, too! Keep scrolling to find out which looks should be on your style radar.

Top 20 Most Instagrammable Hairstyles in the U.S.

table showing top 20 most instagrammable hairstyles
Top 20 Instagrammable hairstyles.

When it comes to style preferences between specific states, there were some clear winners. We found the French bob was the most searched for style over the past year with 24.2k hashtags used in California, and money piece hair was most searched for in Tennessee with 483k hashtags used. It’s possible these hairstyles have seen exceptional popularity in these states because of the y2k hair trends taking over TikTok.

hair trend inspiration graph
A majority of people find their hair trends from Instagram.
keeping up with hair trends graph
Most people like to keep up with trends!

After All Things Hair conducted a survey about New Year Hair Trends, we found a majority of people take inspiration from Instagram and enjoy staying up to date on the latest hair trends.

From classic styles like lobs and box braids to trendy looks we can’t get enough of, like curtain bangs and money piece hair, check out the top 20 most Instagrammable styles. Plus, we’ve included five additional styles that are having their trendy moment on the gram right now in the U.S.

1. Balayage

girl with long blonde balayage hair
The most popular style is perfect for anytime of the year. Photo credit: @jessicascotthair

The style that takes the 2021 trend crown? Balayage! This highlighting technique has become a staple for so many women across the country because of the natural, blended look. To achieve this, your colorist hand-paints the color directly on your hair instead of using foils. Variations of blonde balayage are the most popular color with this style, but it can be done on brunette and red hair too.

2. Box Braids

girl with long pink ombré box braids
The perfect go-to protective style! Photo Credit: @fatou_amina

Box braids are a go-to protective style for many people with natural hair. These braids can be done on any length of hair, but they’re also easy to wear with extensions if you’re going for a longer look. Box braids make the transition from your actual hair to extensions seamless.

To keep your scalp hydrated between wash days, use a serum like Suave Professionals Castor Oil & Mango Butter for Natural Hair and Scalp Oil.

3. French Bob Instagrammable Hairstyle

girl with wavy brunette french bob
Try out an effortless look! Photo Credit: @noe_crd

Let’s face it, bobs never go out of style. However, the French bob is a style that has been taking over our feeds. This bob is chin-length or shorter and often has a wavy texture. The biggest characteristic that sets the French bob apart from any other style is the bangs.

4. Bandana

girl with dark hair wearing cream and blue bandana
A bandana is perfect for a bad hair day! Photo Credit: @amaux

Have a bad hair day? No problem, bandanas have your back! Bandanas and hair scarves have been everywhere thanks to the 2000’s trends. Most commonly, we’ve seen this trend come back where the bandana or scarf is tied around your head, covering the top.

5. Layers

girl with long layered wavy hair
Layers are life-changing when it comes to various cuts. Photo Credit: @bora_kalaj

We can all agree that layers are a haircut staple. Whether you opt for longer layers or choppier face-framing layers, this style is here to stay. However, the most popular variation of this style has been long layers, which help add movement to your look without a drastic difference in length.

6. Beach Waves

girl with long blonde beach waves
This classic style is a go-to for so many people. Photo Credit: @_hairbypaula

Beach waves are a look that hasn’t gone out of style, but we’ve seen this wavy look more and more on our feeds thanks to new ways to achieve it. The mermaid waver hot tools and curling techniques with flat irons have brought new life into this classic style.

Amp up the beachy texture by using a spray, like Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Mist. We love this spray because it’ll help emphasize and add texture while providing a light hold.

7. Lob Instagrammable Hairstyles

girl with blonde lob
You can never go wrong with this haircut. Photo Credit: @lechecraftandtheory

You know that perfect length just above your shoulders, but slightly longer than a bob? That’s a lob (aka, long bob) and it’s no surprise it made the top 10 styles. This Instagrammable hairstyle is most commonly worn wavy and we don’t see it going away anytime soon.

To hold your waves in place all day, use TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold Level 1 Hair Spray. This product will give you that lightweight hold you’re looking for without adding stiffness or crunch.

8. Pigtails

girl with wavy blonde hair wearing dutch braid pigtails
Try a braided variation of this style! Photo Credit: @poppy_hairstyles

Pigtails recently made a comeback, especially on Instagram. This style is back in so many new ways—not just the classic look from elementary school. From half-up pigtails to French braided pigtails to celebrity-inspired flipped-out pigtails, there are so many variations of this look to try.

9. Mullet

girl with brunette mullet and bangs
Take inspo from celebrities and try a choppy mullet. Photo Credit: @manija_hair

It feels like this ‘80s style came back overnight. Literally. As soon as some of our favorite celebs and influencers started showing off this style, our Instagram feeds were flooded with mullets left and right. It seems like every day somebody new is making the chop to this shaggy style. The resurgence of the mullet is most commonly worn with bangs and choppy layers to help blend the fringe with the longer back.

10. Money Piece

girl with long blonde hair and money piece highlights
A money piece is one of the most popular highlighting techniques. Photo Credit: @karldawsonhair

Money piece hair comes in right in the middle! This style is a highlighting technique where the front two sections of hair on either side of the face are lighter than the rest of the hair. It gained lots of popularity from the y2k TikTok trends and is commonly paired with balayage and out-face-framing layers. Now, it’s practically a given that a money piece will come with your new balayage ‘do.

11. Tapered Cut on Natural Hair

girl with natural hair and tapered haircut
This short cut is perfect for natural hair. Photo Credit: @des_brwn

A tapered cut is very popular for those with natural hair. With this cut, the hair at the top of your head is the longest section, then as you towards the back of your head and nape of your neck, the hair gradually gets shorter. A tapered cut can be worn completely natural or you can play around with the longer section of hair and try out a variation of locs or knots.

It’s so important to make sure your hair is staying moisturized throughout the week. On wash days, use a mask like Emerge Back to Life Hair Mask. We love this mask because it uses almond milk and shea butter to deeply nourish strands. Plus, it’s free of many different nasties, like silicones, parabens, and sulfates.

12. Shag Haircut

girl with brunette curly hair and shag haircut and bangs
Curly hair thrives with a shag cut. Photo Credit: @erikast.pierre

With the mullet being so popular, it’s no surprise people have been trying out and sharing shag haircuts on Instagram too. Think of the shag as a sister style to the mullet. It uses choppy, shorter layers, and often incorporates fringe, but there isn’t a big difference between the front and back lengths like there is in a mullet.

13. Curtain Bangs

girl with long blonde hair and curtain bangs
This trendy fringe is the perfect addition to any haircut. Photo Credit: @chloeswiftstylist

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram in the last year, we bet this style doesn’t come as a surprise at all! We see somebody new get a fresh curtain bangs cut practically every day! Curtain bangs are a style of fringe that has a middle part and is commonly worn at a length between the eyes and cheekbone.

14. E-Girl Hairstyles

girl with black hair and blue e-girl hair streaks
Have fun with your style by adding color hair streaks. Photo Credit: @nava_beautyyy

Thanks to TikTok, e-girl hairstyles blew up over the past year and that popularity carried over to Instagram too! The most popular e-girl style is hair streaks. This is a style where the front strands are a different color than the rest of your hair. The look creates high contrast and usually uses bright colors to make a statement.

15. Sleek Bun

girl wearing a sleek middle part low bun with black sunglasses
Go for that model-off-duty look. Photo Credit: @catchmabeat

Need a quick go-to updo? This model-off-duty style is classic, chic, and can be done on any hair type. The sleek bun is commonly worn with a middle part and then the hair is gathered into a low bun at the nape of the neck. Use gel or hair spray to get a super smooth look.

One of our favorite gels to use is TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Firm Control Gel. This gel is alcohol-free so it won’t dry out your strands, but it will help create that ultra-sleek look while resisting humidity and frizz all day.

16. Blunt Bangs

girl with long brunette hair and blunt bangs
Try out blunt bangs. Photo Credit: @lays.ds

We’ve all gone through a fringe phase at one time or another, and this classic style of bangs isn’t going away anytime soon. Whether you have curly, wavy, straight, or natural hair, blunt bangs are always a great option if you want a new addition to your look. This classic style of bangs isn’t going away anytime soon.

17. Bubble Ponytail

girl with long bubble ponytail
Upgrade your basic ponytail. Photo Credit: @justinemarjan

Who doesn’t love dressing up a basic ponytail? The bubble ponytail is a style where hair elastics are placed about 2-inches apart down the length of the pony. Then, the bubbles are gently pulled apart to add volume. This is a super easy look to achieve that creates an interesting effect!

18. Baby Face-Framing Braids

girl wearing a bandana with face-framing mini braids
Add a quirky style to your look. Photo Credit: @isabela_saibert

With all the face-framing highlights, layers, and hair streaks we’ve seen, we’re not surprised this braided look has been making so many appearances on our feeds. Face-framing braids are when the two front strands of hair on either side of your face are braided. The look draws inspo from the ‘90s and is commonly paired with straight strands.

19. Face-Framing Layers

girl with brunetter hair and face-framing layers
Face-framing layers give you so many options when it comes to various updos and styles. Photo Credit: @madluvvhair

Face-framing layers and curtain bangs are often used interchangeably, but the styles are actually different. This Instagrammable hairstyle typically starts at your cheekbone or below and isn’t as thick as curtain bangs are. These layers can be worn on any length of hair, but are most popular on longer lengths.

20. Flipped-Out Hair

girl with blonde hair with a pink streak wearing a high flipped-out ponyail
Take some inspo from the ’60s. Photo Credit: @sandrabulldock

Thanks to so many celebrity looks, the iconic ‘60s flipped-out style is back! We’ve seen this flipped-out detail added to a variety of hairstyles. Whether you’re wearing pigtails, a half-updo, or have your hair down, flip out the ends for a totally retro vibe.

5 Hair Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

table of instagrammable hair trends and hashtags
Top Instagram hair trends.

In addition to the most Instagrammable hairstyles, we couldn’t shy away from some of the latest trends. Check out five of the top trends taking over our feeds one scroll at a time.

1. Pixie Cut

girl with dark hair and pixie haircut
The perfect style for anyone who loves short styles. Photo Credit: @wise_crafts_

Many people have been opting for shorter strands lately. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity or influencer, or even your friend, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this cropped cut often. One of our favorite aspects of this style is the fact that it works on every hair type. Seriously, we’re not joking. From natural hair to straight strands and curls to wavy hair, there’s a variation of this cut for everyone. Plus, it’s very easy to manage.

2. Headbands

girl with dark hair and a black padded headband
A headband dresses up any hairstyle. Photo Credit: @femme_glow

Have a bad hair day? Want to show off your perfectly done curls, but need a little extra something? Wear a headband! From knotted to padded to pearl variations, there are so many styles to pick from no matter what the occasion is.

3. Hair Clips

girl with brunette hair wearing blush claw clip
Opt for a trendy clip to keep your hair up. @adrianarosalyn

In 2019 we saw large pearl clips take over the hair world. Now, we’ve seen this trend evolve into butterfly clips, snap clips, and claw clips, drawing inspo from the ‘90s and early 2000s. No matter which style you prefer, hair clips are an amazing way to dress up a look while also being practical.

4. The Big Chop

girl with short natural haircut
The big chop is very popular when transitioning to natural hair. Photo Credit: @maridaguiar

Heading to the salon for “the big chop” is a trend we’ve seen more and more lately. The big chop has become a bigger trend in the natural hair community as many people are ditching their relaxed strands, opting to let their curly hair shine. This often involves starting with a drastic haircut—the big chop—to remove any dead, damaged hair.

5. Heatless Curls

girl wearing heatless curls with sunglasses on
Heatless curls are perfect for the summertime! Photo Credit: @kelci_stengel

Thanks to TikTok, there are endless ways to achieve heatless curls. One method that blew up across social media over the last years was fabric curls. This hair hack involves placing a robe tie or a pair of tights over your head and then wrapping your damp hair around the ends to create curls. Typically, you sleep with your hair like this, then when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have beautiful curls!

Whether just got a set of curtain bangs or a fresh balayage color, there’s a good chance you’ve been sporting one of the most Instagrammable hairstyles and didn’t even know it. We’d love to know, which top style and trend is your favorite?

Methodology: Research conducted through Instagram, Google Trends, and analyzing hashtags from the last all-time used in the United States. The final results were finalized based on the analysis of the number of hashtags on Instagram up to 5/3/21. All research was conducted by All Things Hair independently.


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