30 Short Haircuts For Round Faces to Try Now

Check out these short crops for round faces bound to refresh your look.

Ladies, take note: Not all short hairstyles are equal! A short hairstyle is very dependent on your face shape. If one short hairstyle looks amazing on square face shapes, it doesn’t mean that it will work for everybody. If you have an oval or circular-shaped face, then you have to choose wisely with your short cuts. Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed it down and found some of the best short haircuts for round faces.

30 Short Haircuts for Round Faces

These stylish cuts are perfect for rounder face shapes, and can easily upgrade your looks. Give these fabulous short haircuts for round faces a try.

1. Curly Bob

short hairstyles for square faces curly bob
Let your curls run wild in this short hairstyle.

Let your natural curls flow free in this short and full style. Give your curls some volume by using Suave Captivating Curls Mousse Cream when styling.

2. Retro Lob

short hairstyles for square faces retro lob
Rock this retro style.

This cut is giving us major vintage glamour vibes. Live out your inner glamorous Hollywood starlet in this fabulous look. To give your short hair for round faces a radiant sheen like above, use Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Spray.

3. Overgrown Pixie

overgrown pixie
Show off a longer pixie cut!

Trying to grow your hair out? This overgrown pixie is your answer!

4. Bowl Cut

short hairstyles for square faces bowl cut
This isn’t your average bowl cut.

This modern spin on the classic bowl cut is the chicest short haircut for round face that you’ll ever find.

5. Buzz Cut

short hairstyles for square faces buzz cut
Get the ultimate edge with this buzz cut.

Only the bold and the brave are able to pull of this major chop. If you’re into the edgier short haircuts for round faces, then this style is definitely for you.

6. Angled Bob With Full Bangs

Try an angled cut. Offset your round face shape by opting for an angular cut. An angled bob will help accentuate your bone structure, making your face appear less round.

7. Edgy Bob

short hairstyles for square faces edgy bob
The edgier, the better.

Make your short haircuts for round faces stand out by creating some edgy ends. Just use a small amount of TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel to create some angular edges and you’re ready to take on the day in style.

8. Mini Bob

short hairstyles for square faces mini bob
This mini bob makes a big statement.

Want to go shorter, but not ready for a full-on pixie? Then this mini bob will do just the trick.

9. Wedge Cut

short hairstyles for square faces wedge cut
Go for the wedged look.

This classic cut is fitting for everybody.

10. Mini Afro

short hairstyles for square faces mini afro
A mini afro with major style.

Let your textured curls live a life of their own in this mini afro. To create a softer texture to your hair while taming frizz and unruliness, use Suave Suave Nourish & Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner.

11. Tousled Bob

Toussled Bob
Switch things up with a textured bob!

Give your bob some fun volume and texture by giving it a tousled look. To create the tussled look above, use Bed Head by TIGI Stick to give your hair some texture.

12. Buzzed Pixie

short hairstyles for square faces buzzed pixie
This buzzed pixie is all you need for a style upgrade.

Give your pixie cut some attitude by going for a shaved look.

13. Curly Pixie

short hairstyles for square faces curly pixie
Rock your natural curls in this pixie style.

Embrace your naturally curly hair by styling it into this short and funky pixie.

14. Styled Curls

short haircuts for round faces styled curls
This is the secret to fresh curls and one of our favorite short hair for round faces curly styles.

Wear your curls tight and bouncy and show them off by letting them cascade down over your forehead.

15. Sleek Bob

short haircuts for round faces sleek bob
Subtle layers are just what you need.

Blow-dry your bob at home and create a super sleek and always flattering blown-out style.

16. Sideswept Pixie

short haircuts for round faces sideswept pixie
A change of pace.

Frame your face with a sleek and styled sideswept pixie. We love a short haircut for round face that’s clean and neat.

17. Natural Bob

short haircuts for round faces natural texture bob
Wear your curls short and natural.

Alternatively, you can let your natural hair do the talking. Try this beautiful textured natural bob and have fun accessorizing your style.

18. Closely Cropped Curls

short haircuts for round faces gelled curls
Keep your curls closely cropped.

Wear your curls just long enough to show them off. We love this short hair round face style because it draws the eye to your unique hair texture and curl pattern.

19. Elevated Pixie

short haircuts for round faces choppy pixie
Take your pixie to the next level.

Give your pixie haircut some easy volume by asking your stylist to cut short layers into your look. That’s an easy way to wear short haircuts for square faces that have loads of volume.

20. Choppy Layers

short haircuts for round faces choppy bangs layers
One of the most versatile options.

Frame your full face with a choppy layered haircut. While even layered looks might be flattering options when it comes to short hairstyles for square faces, for round-faced women we always suggest layering.

21. Curtains Bangs with Short Haircuts For Round Faces

girl with wavy bob and curtain bangs with blonde hair
Add trendy curtain bangs to your look!

Adding choppy layers and curtain bangs to your style will create movement and volume. This helps takes some of the attention away from the roundness of your face.

22. Side-Swept Pixie Haircut

girl with side wept pixie cut on dark hair
Chose a side-swept pixie cut.

I side-swept look is one of the best styles to offset a round face shape. If you’re wanting to try out a pixie cut, add side-swept bangs to the look.

23. Dutch Braid on Short Haircuts For Round Faces

girl with blonde hair and dutch braid
Add a dutch braid for a style that literally pops.

Want a style that pops, literally? Try out a headband dutch braid. This style is perfect for any short haircut, plus it works extremely with a side part–perfect for round face shapes.

24. Deep Side Part

girl with deep side-part
A simple change of part can make a huge difference!

A side-part is the perfect go-to parting for any short haircut for round faces. This type of part helps elongate your face shape and even adds a bit of volume.

25. Face-Framing Curls

girl with dark hair and half updo and face-framing curls
Leaving out face-framing curls can add shape to your look.

Create shape with your look by adding face-framing curls to your cut. This is especially helpful when wearing your hair up. To hold your curls in place, use a hair spray like TRESemmé Flawless Curls Hair Spray. This product is infused with coconut and avocado oil, which helps leaves curls soft and flexible all day.

26. Layered Beach Wave Bob

girl with blonde lob and beach waves
Add texture to your strands.

Added texture and volume are two of the best ways to make your face appear longer. To do this, ask for stylist for layers and beach waves throughout your lob.

27. Face-Framing Sections

girl with short hair with face-framing pieces
Elongate your face with face-framing pieces.

Face-framing pieces that start just below your jawline help create an illusion of a longer face shape.

28. Layered Lob

girl with layered lob
Ask for layers throughout your lob.

You can’t go wrong with a side part and layered lob. This is a classic look that will help take attention off the roundness of your face if you’re looking for ways to elongate your look.

29. Curly Pixie Cut

girl with curly shag pixie cut
Try a pixie shag cut!

A pixie cut is a super wearable haircut for a round face, especially on curly hair. When sporting this cut, keep most of the volume up and towards the center. Doing this will help elongate your face shape.

30. Pixie Cut With Bangs

blonde pixie cut with bangs
Photo Credit: Alex Perez

If you want to pair bangs with a pixie cut, opt for a side-swept look. This deep side-swept variation helps open up round face shapes while still framing the face.

From trending lobs and curtain bangs to flattering side-swept pixie cuts, there are so many options when looking for short haircuts for round faces.

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