Go for a Sophisticated Cut with the Center Part Midi Bob

This short hairstyle is simply fabulous.

As short styles continue to be the trending length of this season, we can’t reiterate enough how much we love the bob! This cut is perfect for those who want to go short but are still experimenting with what that end cut looks like. There are many variations of the bob and its close relative, the lob. One we have grown very fond of recently is the center part midi bob. This is a cut for those who are into the idea of a bob (and not a lob!), but don’t want to go ~full~ bob. Yes, there is a lot of nuance!

This length is to your shoulders but is just short enough to be in between bob and lob. Pair this length with a center part, and you’re on-trend and keeping up with this season’s looks from the runway! Read on:

center part midi bob with bangs
You can even spice this look up with some choppy bangs! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

What’s great about this cut is that it’s really easy to take care of and style, whether you’re going for a highly textured and messy look, or something more clean and sophisticated. We even love this length paired with some choppy bangs to add to the body of the cut and give your face an edgy frame.

center part midi bob sleek blonde
This cut is sleek, sophisticated, and easy to style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Products to Use to Create a Sleek Center Part Midi Bob

If you’re going to create a sleek style like this bob, it’s important that your hair is as healthy as possible and doesn’t have frizz or flyaways. Bring your newly chopped strands back to life by washing it with Nexxus Unbreakable Care Shampoo and Nexxus Care Conditioner. This duo will help soften hair for your sleek style.

In order to get this sleek look, you need to blow-dry your hair. Using only a blowdryer will create a sleek style but keep some volume. If you choose to use a straightener as well you can achieve a straighter style but you will lose some volume. Prior to blowdrying, use some foam for body. We recommend Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam.

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