12 Clever Halloween Hairstyles You Can Whip Up in Minutes

Awesome last-minute options abound.

While coming up with a Halloween costume can be an incredibly difficult process, coming up with a creative Halloween costume can feel almost impossible. To solve this yearly dilemma (because honestly, an emoji costume should really just be everyone’s last resort), we’ve rounded several clever Halloween hairstyles that can all be put together using accessories you already own.

The game changer? Nailing the right hairstyle. Pairing the perfect hairstyle with the right combination of clothes you most likely already own will make finding a creative Halloween costume super easy to come up with. Keep reading and be inspired:

12 Simple yet Creative Halloween Hairstyles

halloween hairstyles biker chick
A messy knot spells total rebel babe.

1. Biker Chick

Creating a lazy top knot is likely a skill you mastered back in high school and now only pull out for lazy weekends. Pairing this well-worn and easy-to-create style with a pop of red lipstick and your favorite leather jacket turns the look from laid-back to edgy. Finish off with some skinny pants and stilettos, and you’ve got a flirty and cool biker chick costume that all of your friends will reference in years to come. (Added points for a flying car.)

halloween hairstyles hippie space buns
Halloween Hairstyles: Be everyone’s fave guru in a groovy get-up that’s a cinch to D.I.Y.

2. Hippie

Space buns have been making a dramatic comeback this year and this softer version is the bread and butter of any hippie Halloween costume. Coil your air-dried hair into two buns and utilize your natural texture by pulling a few loose strands out around your face. Round sunglasses and a neutral color on your lips, as well as some beaded necklaces, are the finishing touches. ✌?

halloween hairstyles skater girl
Loose, slightly stringy second-day hair: probably the easiest costume, in like, ever.

3. Skater Girl

Baseball cap? Check. Aviators? No problem. Now you just have to convince your little brother to let you borrow his skateboard. This skater girl costume is a no-brainer and is the best excuse to be comfortable this Halloween. Grab your favorite pair of jeans (or cutoffs, if it’s warm enough!), an old T-shirt, and a soft, overworn button-down shirt, because grungy is the key. Run a texturizing balm like Bed Head by TIGI Joyride through hair for an on-point windswept look, or, you know, just hold off on a couple days’ worth of washes to get that authentic second-day grit. 

barista with ponytail
Put that getting-stuff-done ponytail on full display.

4. Barista

Want a real no-brainer? Then channel your inner caffeine addict and go as a barista this Halloween. All you need is an all-black outfit and a colored apron! Wash and condition your hair with TIGI Copyright Custom Care Volume Shampoo and Copyright Custom Care Volume Conditioner to give your hair an extra lift and some volume at your roots. Then, gather your air-dried hair up into a high ponytail. Some loose pieces around your face will soften the look.

modern princess halloween hairstyles
Who needs a real crown? A crown braid is the only accessory you’ll need for the look.

5. Modern Princess

Nailing some princess-worthy braids is half the battle when it comes to this costume. Grab your sparkliest, most ethereal dress and spend 10 minutes this week learning how to create a split crown braid. By the time Halloween comes, you’ll be a pro and be raring to rock this style all year long.

fitness instructor halloween hairstyles
Halloween Hairstyles: Trick or treat, cross those feet!

6. ’80s Fitness Instructor

Channel your love for the 1980s with this fun retro hairstyle idea (admit it!). Dust off your crimper for this look that features a healthy amount of teasing to create big, bouncy ’80s hair. Complete it with your favorite high-cut leotard and a headband (and fishnet gloves… and chunky bracelets, and…) and you’ll be looking totally, radically ready for Halloween in no time.

halloween hairstyles hippie pt 2
We totally see ourselves rocking this look on the regular, tbh! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

7. Hippie, pt. 2

If you’ve been tie-dying all your clothes and wearing lots of mismatched prints in preparation for a ’70s hippie look, you’ll need the right Halloween hairstyle to match—which, in this case, is a simple center part (super on-trend, btw) with a few accent braids woven in. Start by blowdrying your hair straight and give yourself a middle part. Work a little bit of messy texture through your hair with a wax like Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte. To finish the style, create a regular three-strand braid on random half-inch sections of hair, securing at the ends with a tiny elastic. Get ready to get groovy!

furry friend halloween hairstyles
#nofilter ?

8. Furry Friend

Whether you are going as cute cat, a fawn, or as the puppy dog Snapchat filter (#thisismenow), you’ll need animal ears. If you have hair that’s medium-length or longer, you can easily make animal ears with your hair. Start by parting your hair down the middle and creating two half-pigtails, securing each with an elastic. Working one side at a time, tease hair slightly for some volume, then loop the ponytail inward to create a loop—it should resemble a bow, but pointier. Depending on what animal you are going for, you may want to make your buns bigger or smaller. Seal in your style with a strong hold hairspray like TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray. Need more guidance? Be sure to check out our cat ear tutorial to learn more about how you can create this look.

vintage bombshell halloween hairstyles
Ooh-la-la! A baby half-updo is both chic and sexy.

9. Vintage Bombshell

If you have finally found the perfect breton tee to complete your vintage costume, you’ll need the hair to really play the part. First, follow our beach waves tutorial to get loose waves. Once you’ve got that on lock, separate the top half of your hair and tease the section nearest the crown of your head. Pin in place and leave the rest of your hair down. Long piecey bangs really seal the deal of this look and are definitely worth taking the plunge for. Accessorize with some ’60s winged liner and even a beret worn off to one side.

tennis pro halloween hairstyles
Accentuate those tennis whites with a fun, peppy twisted pony.

10. Tennis Pro

If your ideal party attire consists of a crisp, white, casual polo, a cute swingy skirt, comfy sneakers and a visor to see past the haters, we’re right there with you! Going for this fun (and really, really easy to recreate) look, which features slim to no hairstyling skills, other than twisting your hair into a rope twist, might have your friends feeling a little bit annoyed they didn’t think of it first. To start, gather hair into a high ponytail and tie if off with an elastic. Next, split your ponytail in two sections, then begin twisting each section around the other till the ends. Secure the ends with another chubby hair tie, and voila, it’s game, set, match. Bonus points for a sweatband and actual athletic skills. #ZeroLove

halloween hairstyles ballerina bun
Halloween Hairstyles: Dare we say that this look is en pointe?

11. Ballerina

As if you didn’t notice by now, top knots are probably the easiest of all Halloween hairstyles to D.I.Y. Start by brushing your hair into a high ponytail (the higher, the more legit). Next, coil your hair around the ponytail to create your ballerina bun and secure with a hair tie or pins. A sleeveless top or bodysuit, a tulle skirt, some opaque tights and, of course, lace-up shoes bring the look home.

grecian goddess halloween hairstyles
Tuck the bun upwards, pin at the seam and conceal with a braid pulled horizontally.

12. Grecian Goddess

A braided bun can be a little tricky, but is undoubtedly beautiful once mastered. You can read a whole step-by-step of how to get this Grecian look by following this Greek bun tutorial. The basics involve using pin curls at the nape of your neck and keeping front sections of your hair out. Finish the style by braiding the front sections and layering over the pin curls. A laurel leaf or some floral accessories caps off the regal look.

Looking for more Halloween hairstyle ideas? Check out how to make a cool low bun with a crown.