Easy Halloween Hairstyles for the Last-Minute Costume Crammer

These easy hairstyles will inspire your best Halloween costume yet.

Believe it or not, Halloween is almost here! There’s a lot of pressure to debut a creative and impressive costume both at your Halloween parties and on social media. If you’re looking for something quick and easy then you’ll want to try one of these easy Halloween hairstyles. Each look will inspire an original costume that will have you racking up those Instagram ‘likes’ in no time. Read on for 10 easy Halloween hairstyles you can create in five minutes or less. Happy hunting.

10 Easy Halloween Hairstyles to Consider

1. Warrior Braids

easy Halloween hairstyles warrior braids blonde
This style looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Pair this dramatic style with your most rugged clothes and accessories for a super easy warrior costume. Tease the top of your hair and comb it back for a statement-making faux hawk and braid stray strands on the sides for extra detail and dimension.

2. Little Red Riding Hood

easy Halloween hairstyles voluminous curls
Wear this look to work all day and seamlessly transition into your costume.

Looking for a hairstyle that you can wear to work all day that will seamlessly transition from meetings to a Halloween party? This is the one for you. Use a curling iron to create big voluminous curls that work equally well in the office and the bar.

3. Glam Witch

easy Halloween hairstyles sleek straight hair witch
Sleek straight strands are the secret to an edgy look.

Opt for a glam and sleek look by straightening your hair and wearing it under a witch’s hat. Run Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum through your ends for extra shine.

4. Masquerade Princess

easy Halloween hairstyles mask loose curls
Break up your waves with an intricate mask.

Use a 1.5-inch curling iron to create large voluminous waves and let your masquerade mask lift your roots for extra drama.

5. Glittery

easy Halloween hairstyles loose bun glitter
When in doubt, add some glitter.

If you’re really crunched for time simply toss your hair back into a loose low bun and let your makeup do the talking. Go heavy on the glitter around your eyes and wear your sparkliest dress for major disco ball vibes.

6. Steampunk Explorer

easy Halloween hairstyles explorer textured curls
Adventure-ready and looking good.

Textured curls take this entire costume to the next level. Use a 1/2 inch curling iron to create messy curls and brush through them to achieve this level of textured volume.

7. Devil

easy Halloween hairstyles devil straight hair headband
Upgrade this classic costume.

Comb your hair into a dramatic side part and place a headband on top to the hold this easy style in place. This classic costume is always a good go-to when you’re crunched for time.

8. Cat

easy Halloween hairstyles cat curls headband
Go curl crazy.

Speaking of classic, sleeping with your hair in curlers and taking them down the next morning will make you stand out from every other cat in the room with major volume. There’s no shame in going with an oldie but a goodie cat costume.

9. Vampire Bride

easy Halloween hairstyles vampire bride silky hair
This is the time to nail the at-home blowout.

Prep in advance and teach yourself how to do an expert and quick at-home blowout. Wear it under a black veil with bright red lips and that choker you have in your closet for a sexy vampire bride look.

10. Horror House Sole Survivor

easy Halloween hairstyles blood pigtails
What’s a Halloween costume without a little blood?

For the theme purists, go all-in with tons of fake blood and all the gore you can stomach! Style your hair into two mid-level pigtails to keep it off your face and let the bloody mess take center stage.

Try these looks for the next costume party on your calendar!

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