Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Sweet and Low: Macaron Hair is This Week’s French Look to Cop

Calorie-free, and totally summer-friendly.

It’s become quite clear that we sort of have an obsession with all things French. Their beauty regimens are world-renowned; their easy sex appeal and fashion chic, truly inspirational. It’s but natural that we Francophiles here at All Things Hair—along with, we’re surmising, the rest of the style-conscious world—try to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s hot on that side of the Atlantic. And this week, yes, it’s macaron hair.

Not to be confused with macaroons, which are small cakes made with ground almonds and coconut, macarons(JPG) are a circular French meringue made with egg white, typically with a flavored filling. That distinction becomes most relevant when looking at this fun new hair trend that’s been blowing up French Pinterest: It’s a look that features a pair of smaller, circular low-lying space buns, hence “macaron hair.”

We all know the space bun as the clubby look that went super-mainstream early this year (we can thank the runways for that). But this twist looks a bit more relaxed and, yep, you can say more laissez-faire than its predecessors. Not only is it coiled looser around itself, it also lies lower near the nape, making it an ideal last-minute look (leave it to the French to make rushing out the door trés belle).

Need a new hair regimen?

Scroll on for a few easy ways to cop this look. Perfect timing too, for these relentless summer heat waves!

macaron hair just mands
Blogger Just Mands knows what’s low is what’s up. Photo credit: @JustMands
macaron hair in knot
Split hair in the middle and create two rope twists, then coil each around into a bun. Photo credit:
braided macaron hair
Got a bit of time to spare? A regular three-strand braid also makes for a good base for a macaron bun.
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Need a new hair regimen?
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