short hair and red lips: vintage style

Short Hair and Red Lips is the Easiest Pulled-Together Summer Trend

Effortless and chic!

The summer season is the time you want to bare it all. Clothes, makeup, hair…everything. It’s really too hot for anything else! While we might feel like we want to go outside naked, wear less makeup and have nothing to do with our hair (at all!), we’re sure you still want to at least look pulled together. You can’t walk into the office any way you please, and if you’re not going to work, that’s still not an excuse. Like our mom’s say, “Always look presentable when you’re heading out, you never know who you may meet.” With that said, we just discovered the perfect trend that’ll have you feeling like you’re baring it all, but totally not.

Enter the short hair and red lip trend: The new street-style trend that we find almost impossible to screw up. Once you have the no-makeup/makeup look down pat, simply find a red lip color that suits your skin tone and the right haircut for your face shape, then you’re golden. Ready to rock the trend of summer? Check out some of our favorite looks from the street-style set ahead.

Short Hair and Red Lips Beauty Trend

It’s true when they say that a red lip will help you look put together, and most times, you don’t even really need to have the best-looking hairstyle. However, many of us can’t step outside without perfect-looking hair. If the summer season has you drained with no energy for styling, these cool short hair and red lips combos below are ideal for you.

short hair and red lips: slicked down
Go for a deep red with a slicked back side part short ‘do with the use of a hair gel. To enhance the look of your makeup, use your lipstick as a blush too. Dab it on, then blend. Photo credit:
short hair red lips: teeny afro
Go for a bright red lip on darker skin tones, and embrace your natural texture with an easy low haircut like this teeny weeny afro style. Photo credit:
short hair and red lips: afro
A crimson red lip can make a dark ensemble look summery. Top it off with an effortless natural hairstyle like this twisted ‘fro and you’re ready to hit the streets in style. Photo credit:

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