sultry summer style

The Sultry Summer Hairstyle We are Obsessed With

A little sultry summer hairstyle for you to try.

Take your summer style up a notch with a classic style for the season, but with an update. This year’s sultry summer hairstyle is still in the family of beachy waves, as this will always reign as a classic. The different in this sultry summer look is that the loose waves are just a little bit tighter and smaller. We are loving styles that focus on lots of texture and lean more toward a natural look than a highly styled one. We’ll walk you through our fave hair products to create this hairstyle and also some techniques to try with your hair curler to achieve this sultry summer hairstyle.

How to Create this Sultry Summer Hairstyle

1. Start with Day 2 Hair

For this style, we find that it looks most effortless and sultry when created on mildly dirty hair. We recommend going in with dry shampoo to add volume and texture and remove any oils, but it’s best to add that in after curling so don’t worry if your style looks a little greasy, it’ll be fixed at the end.

2. Add Heat Protectant

The first product you want to use is heat protectant. This style requires a curling wand and a decent amount of heat. Add some TRESemmé Keratin 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment to your strands prior to any heat. This will protect your hair from damage, frizz, and dryness.

3. Break Out the Curling Wand

It’s time to bring out your curling wand. For this sultry summer hairstyle, we recommend using a smaller wand or using smaller sections of hair and wrapping it tighter around the wand. For added texture, it’s essential to wrap every section opposite ways to create an effortless finish. To make smaller curls for a more natural look, focus on starting your wrap around the wand at various positions for each section of hair. Pro tip: Do not wrap more than half of your hair around the wand, leave the bottom half uncurled for a more voluminous style.

sultry summer hairstyle curler
Use a smaller curling wand to achieve these waves.

4. Add Texturizing Spray

Now it’s time to go all out with a texturizing spray. Spray your strands and roots with some Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray for weightless texture and a delicious smell. Use your fingers to gently comb through your curls. This will loosen them and give them a scrunch to keep the spray holding your style.

sultry summer hairstyle
This hairstyle is the epitome of summer.

5. Finish with Dry Shampoo

It’s finally time to add in some dry shampoo and soak up any excess oils. This look will get its ultimate sultry summer vibe from adding some Nexxus Keraphix Dry Shampoo to the root. Not only will this give you the texture of your dreams, but it will also help your style last if you reapply it everyday before finally washing.

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