How to Nail the Pineapple Frohawk Hairstyle

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The pineapple updo is by far one the best hairstyles and techniques that every curly-haired girl should know. What we love the most about the pineapple, besides the fact that it helps extend the life of your curly hairstyles while you sleep, is that it is such a versatile hairstyle. Our favorite way to sport the look these days is as a pineapple frohawk. That’s right: We took some inspiration from the edgy mohawk style and decided to turn the pineapple updo into what we call the pineapple fro hawk.

Ready to give your pineapple a fresh look? Read on to learn how you can create the pineapple frohawk in just a few easy steps:

How to Create a Pineapple Frohawk


Prep hair with detangler.

Start your pineapple frohawk by prepping hair with Dove Absolute Curl Leave-In Detangler. Spray the product all over your hair to soften, add moisture and detangle. 


pineapple frohawk: dove detangler

Section off your fringe.

Before creating your pineapple frohawk, pull out some hair at the front of your hair to create your curly bangs. 


pineapple frohawk: create bangs

Gather hair into a pineapple.

Place a medium or large elastic headband around your neck as if you were putting on a choker accessory. Slide the band up onto your hair to create a ponytail, which is also known as the pineapple style. If needed, pin the headband in place using bobby pins.

pineapple frohawk: create pony

Fluff your 'fro

Now’s your chance to shape your hair into the pineapple frohawk you want. Use your hands or an afro pick to pick hair at the roots to enhance the volume. Use bobby pins to help shape your hair into a mohawk-inspired look.

an afro woman looking down and styling her hair

Set with hairspray.

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your pineapple frohawk. Spray Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Spray all over your hair to complete your style with a smooth texture and lots of shine.

pineapple frohawk tutorial: spray hair

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