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Labor Day Monday Hair Chores: 5 Things You Need to Do

Beat holiday boredom at home. 

While everyone may have fun Labor Day plans on their agenda, you may be happy with having JOMO (joy of missing out). We feel you on this. Sometimes there’s no better feeling than canceled plans. However, we think that you should participate in some Labor Day Monday hair care.

We’re all about spending time wisely and this Monday is the best day to get your hair ready for the new season to come. Make use of your time by giving your hair some TLC. Here are some things to do this Monday:

Labor Day Monday Hair Chores

1. Treat yourself to a hair mask.

If you’re heading back to school or back to work the next day, we want you to put your best hair strands forward. Use our hair detox guide to help you reverse most of the damage the summer season caused. Top it all off with a quick hair mask like TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Mask Sachet.

2. Dust your ends.

Most hair salons either observe the holiday or are closed on Mondays period. If your hair is in need of a very light trim, we give you permission to treat yourself to a hair dusting (nothing further). Read our tips for hair dusting at home.

labor day weekend hair chores: brushes
We’re sure your brushes could use a clean this weekend!

3. Organize your hair products and tools.

Get ready for fall by getting rid of old hair products and tools and organizing what’s left of your collection. There’s no reason to step into the new season not knowing where your favorite comb is! Here’s a spring cleaning guide that’s just as good for any season.

4. Research your new look.

It’s not too late to figure out your new fall hairstyle. Whether you want a new cut or a new hair color we have a variety of styles and trends to choose from. Want something that complements the season? Try one of these autumnal hair hues.

labor day money chores: youtube
Treat yourself to some new hairstyle tutorials.

5. Binge watch our YouTube channel.

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube binge? If you’re not already subscribed to our channel, you’re truly missing out. Grab a drink and watch our YouTube channel to learn how to create some of the best hairstyles out there!

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