Give the Appearance of Fuller Hair with These Foolproof Tips

Hacks for fuller looking hair in no time.

Feeling like your locks are getting on the thinner, finer side? Experiencing more hair loss than usual? There are plenty of reasons that your hair can show signs of tiredness and lack of volume. Not everyone has the same reasons for hair loss, but there are ways for most to slow the process. If you’re struggling with maintaining thicker hair, then follow these tips that allow you to give the appearance of fuller hair. You aren’t alone and there are ways to make it work!

Below, we have some foolproof tips to help make your think hair look thicker:

give the appearance of fuller hair dyed hair
If you can’t live without dyed hair, make sure you implement a restorative wash routine. Photo Credit: Verity Jane

1. Use a restorative shampoo and conditioner duo for dyed hair.

Dyeing hair can be damaging to strands and cause thinning, especially if you have a vice for blonde or platinum coloring. If coloring your hair is a must (and trust us, we understand!), it’s important to use a restorative and dye-friendly shampoo and conditioner duo. Using products that will strengthen your cuticles and also increase dye longevity is key. You want to give your strands the appearance of fuller hair and if your wash routine can give you an extra week or two before hitting the hairstylist again then that’s a must. Suave Professionals Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner work to gently cleanse your hair and also protect it.

2. Dry shampoo in between washes is vital.

When you’re taking a break from shampoo and conditioner, use a dry shampoo. Using a dry shampoo will give the appearance of fuller hair because it will remove oils that flatten strands and also create a ton of volume at the root resulting in fuller hair. We love TRESemmé Unscented Dry Shampoo to get your hair looking fresh and give it that extra oomph.

give the appearance of fuller hair short cut
Work with your hair loss and go for a sustainable cut and a bold color. Photo Credit: Verity Jane

3. Go for a shorter haircut to work with your thinner strands.

Sometimes it’s best to not fight hair loss or your thinning texture and work with it to create a hairstyle that’s youthful and intentional. We recommend going for a shorter style so that your finer texture isn’t as apparent. A bold buzz cut and side shave are great for the more adventurous. A pixie cut or a bob is perfect for those easing into this length. If you feel up to it, give your hair a bold color as well to draw attention away from hair loss!

give the appearance of fuller hair updos
Create voluminous updos to make your hair appear fuller. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Updos are a great way to create volume.

If you’re in need of some more volume and fast—updos are the way to go. Putting your hair up can create more volume allowing your hair to look fuller. Try teasing your high ponytail or creating a loose messy bun. When going for a voluminous updo, make sure you’re not using a tight hair tie as that will tear at your hair cuticle. Use a scrunchie or a scarf to secure your strands. They’ll be more gentle on your hair and also add some flair to the style. If you need a boost via a styling product, opt for TIGI Copyright Custom Create Volume Lift Styling Spray.

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