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Get Ready for Springtime with the Most Charming Face-Framing Updos

Get creative with those layers!

With spring just around the corner, we can’t wait to start swapping out heavy jackets and sweaters for dresses and trench coats. We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but the style change is desperately needed! One of our favorite things to revamp is our everyday hairstyles. With warmer weather comes the need to get your hair off your neck, but rainier days may also mean needing to hide frizz in updos, too.

Our perfect solution? Springtime updos that frame your face. This style is a great compromise between updo and keeping your look chic with some layers or fringe to stand out in front. Moving your front layers around also makes these styles versatile, so you could rock one of these everyday of the week without getting bored. Check out some of our current faves:

Springtime Updos that Frame Your Face

1. Side Part

frame your face side part
Go for an intense side part to make a dramatic statement. Photo Credit:

Add some drama to your updo by blowdrying all of your layers to one side. This is a fun way to switch up your style but maintaining an effortless aesthetic. Use a lightweight hairspray at the root to make sure your style stays to one side throughout the day. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Level 4 will give you hold throughout the day without crunchy stiffness.

2. Add a Statement Accessory

frame your face statement clip
Add a statement clip to your framed face look. Photo Credit:

Using a statement clip to hold back some your layers/fringe is a great way to add some va-va-voom to your look. It adds bling to your style, what could be better than that?

3. Create a Part

frame your face clean part
Create a clean part in between your fringe and your updo. Photo Credit:

Instead of creating your updo and then pulling out the strands you want to frame your face, separate them ahead of time to create a clean part. This adds definition between your fringe and the rest of your style. Keep your layers as one unit by adding a touch of oil to them, it’ll reduce frizz and create a shiny finish. For Every Hair Type Revitalizing Hair Oil is our favorite for the job as it adds shine and is safe for color-treated strands.

4. Faux Fringe

frame your face faux fringe
Use your short hair as a faux fringe to frame our face! Photo Credit:

If you’ve got short hair but it’s all relatively the same length, why not go for faux bangs to frame your face? Put your hair up in a high half updo and make sure your hair on top is separated. You want a fluffy effect that flops to the front of your face. Use a generous amount of texturizing spray to make the front look like bangs. Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray will give you that messy finish you desire.

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