Daring Updos: 3 NYFW Updos We’re Totally Wearing to the Office Next Week

That's right, NYFW hairstyles and office looks now go hand in hand!

Bold colors, exaggerated details, and out-of-this-world silhouettes all made their way down the NYFW runways. Between all of the glitz and glam, it may seem like it’s next to impossible to translate these looks into a hairstyle you can actually wear. Well, we’re here to let you know that yes, it is actually is possible to incorporate these daring updos into your everyday life. Oh, and there’s a 99 percent chance we’ll be sporting these styles next week. Keep scrolling to find out how you can start wearing these looks pronto.

elegant braid
Opt for an elegant style, perfect for any work appropriate

1. Elegant Braid Daring Updo

TRESemmé stylist, Odlie Gilbert drew inspiration from models when it came creating this elegant braid for the Christian Siriano S/S ‘20 runway show. “This look is chic yet playful. The secret is not tying the ponytail too high on the head and using a texturizing mousse to prep hair,” explained Gilbert. Her favorite mousse to use is TRESemmé Two Extra Hold Mousse because it keeps everything in place, but still gives your hair movement and a natural feel. Gilbert told us another way she likes to prep hair for this style is using TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray level 1: Texture combined with a diffuser on a hair dryer because this creates a smooth, straight base; perfect for braiding.

After talking with Gilbert, we found out she’s actually just like us. She doesn’t have time to create elaborate hairstyles on herself every day (I mean, who actually does?), which is why she opts for a natural laid-back look. Her go-to style is a ponytail so her tresses can stay out her face while she’s working. One product she can’t live without? TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray. She loves this product because it keeps your hair soft and healthy while protecting it from any damage.

ponytail swoop
Go from the gym to the office with the swoop ponytail look.

2. Slicked High Pony With a Swoop

Sporty, sexy, and confident was the theme of Chromat S/S ’20. This slicked high pony with a swoop is a daring updo, that can be worn everywhere from the office to the gym. TRESemmé stylist, Justine Marjan was inspired by the sporty women of Chromat. “This look is for a sexy confident woman who has a bit of an edge,” said Marjan.

To get this look, start by blow drying hair smooth with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. This product is one of our favorites because it leaves your strands frizz-free with a glossy finish.

Next, you’ll want to clip away the front triangular section of your hair to one side. This will be the section that creates the swoop. After that, brush the top half of your hair into a high half-pony. To create a smooth pony, free of any flyaway hair, spritz your roots with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Hold Level 4: Extend then brush through. Marjan told us how this product is actually her favorite to use on an everyday basis. No matter how she wears her hair, she loves how wearable the product is since it holds your hair in place while still being flexible. To complete the pony, repeat this on the bottom section of hair.

After your pony is complete, use the same hair spray all over the look to hold it in place. To further fight any unwanted frizz, use TRESemmé Anti-Frizz Smoothing Sheet

bubble ponytails
Show off your creative side with this bubble pony!


3. Bubble Pony

Also inspired by the sporty, sexy vibe of Chromat, this bubble pony may be the most daring updo out of the three, but trust us, it’s 100 percent wearable in your everyday life. Marjan explained how this look is great for anyone who isn’t afraid to express her style and creative flair.

To start off this look, gather a triangular section of hair at the front of your hairline and spray it with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Hold Level 4: Extend at the roots to create a strong base, and secure into a ponytail.

Next, tease the roots of the mini ponytail, and use TRESemmé Between Washes Volumizing Dry Shampoo to create even more volume. We love this product because it’s a great way to revamp hair and remove any excess oil. After the dry shampoo is massaged in, brush this section to create a bubble effect.

To continue the bubble look, grab another triangular section of hair like you did before and secure this with an elastic hair tie. Here’s the trick, on the last loop of the elastic, add in the first ponytail, and secure with another elastic. Repeat these steps all the way down your hair to continue this daring updo.

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