Our Favorite Cuts and Colors to Give You that Edgy City Style

The most fashionable styles being rocked in the concrete jungle

When we think of city style our minds immediately go to bold colors, sharp angles, and pushing boundaries. Whether you live in a city full-time or are coming for a visit, it’s fun to embrace the fast-paced lifestyle and go out of your fashion comfort zone. We encourage you to try out a new hairstyle that’s on trend with whichever city you’re roaming. What’s great about this kind of style is that are no rules, doing what feels right is what’s cool and taking risks is always appreciated. Here’s a round-up of our favorite city styles that we love to see on the streets:

city style bowl cut
This bowl cut is bold and beautiful.

1. Bowl Cut

This bold bowl cut is giving us major city style and we love it! The bowl cut is going to be the main focus of your hairstyle, so go for a solid hair color, like black, to make it really pop. Since styling this ‘do is almost too easy, give your style some extra shine with Nexxus Maxximum Finishing SprayThis spray will give you some shine, health and make your hair extra smooth.

city style bold ombre
An intense ombre is striking and on point.

2. Blunt Ombré

This blunt ombré is UNREAL. We love the extreme color contrast and beautiful blend of brown and blonde. If ombre is the style for you then we recommend using this as your inspo when you go to your hairdresser. Make sure you treat this color with Suave Professionals Color Protection Shampoo andConditioner. This duo will gently cleanse your strands but protect the vibrant ombre color that is almost too city style for us to handle.

city style blow out
Treat yourself to a big city blow out.

3. Blow-Out

If you live in the city then you know that life can get over-booked and hectic. Stop for a minute and treat yourself to a luxurious blowout. There’s nothing like going into a fun and event-filled weekend with professionally groomed hair that will last you until Sunday night. Keep your blow out as fresh as day one with Dove Fresh & Floral Dry Shampoo.

city style rosé hair
We love this rosé color!

4. Rosé Hair

Nothing quite says city style with a bold and on-trend hair color. A beautiful and faded shade of rosé is on our favorites list and we can’t get enough of this bold yet sophisticated color. This color is perfect for anyone who wants to make the leap to fun colored hair but doesn’t want it to be too loud.

city style side shave
We love this trendy side shave!

5. Serious Side Shave

Side shaves are a stylish and clean-cut hairstyle that instantly gives you an air of confidence. This style requires little care on the regular, it just demands more maintenance to keep the lines sharp and shaved.

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