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This Is the One Beauty Product I Can’t Live Without

My must-have product may come as a surprise.

First things first, it’s important to confess that I am all about an in-depth hair routine. As a beauty editor and lifelong beauty product junkie, I have tried and loved my fair share of products. And there’s something meditative for me in a busy morning routine. Washing my hair, applying my products, blow-drying, and curling my strands are all a regular part of my routine. And I really enjoy that alone time at the start of my day and don’t resent my usual multi-step process. But the truth is that my routine could likely use some streamlining. It’s especially those days when I oversleep and running late that I’ve wished I had a more low-maintenance routine to turn to. And this latest beauty product I’ve discovered makes just the difference I was looking for. Read on:

The Newest Beauty Product I Can’t Live Without

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This product has earned a permanent spot on my vanity.

Love Beauty and Planet is a more recent addition to the haircare world but it’s no surprise that they’ve stolen the hearts of beauty lovers everywhere. These products are good for both your hair and the planet. And while I regularly use a number of their products, I’ve especially been loving Love Beauty and Planet Smooth and Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Leave-In Smoothie Cream as of late.

Formulated with Argan oil and French lavender, this leave-in cream is made to fight frizz. It also leaves your hair super smooth. If left to its own devices, my hair will air-dry in an irregular curl pattern that falls flat and frizzy in no time. But when I run some of this smoothie cream through my damp hair, the results are significantly more streamlined. It’s truly the difference between spending my morning trying to get my hair dry before my coffee has even kicked in and an easy wash-and-go approach.

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