7 Chic Ways to Wear Braids with Beads

Your braids deserve some flair - add some beads!

As a naturalista you probably remember the days of getting your hair braided followed by your parent or hairstylist stacking the ends of your hair in beads. It was always so exciting to pick out the bead colors. Also, the feeling of walking into school the next day with the sound of your beads swaying back and forth against your head was always the best! 

Now beads have come back in a major way. Moreover, kids aren’t the only ones to get to enjoy beads in hair styles! Adult naturalistas are going back to their roots and rocking beaded braids as part of their protective styling, too! 

7 Beautiful Braids with Beads Hairstyles Trending Now

Are you a naturalista who is looking for some chic ways to wear beaded hairstyles? No matter your age, check out these 7 ways to wear beads in hair to inspire your next do!

1. Wooden Beads with Braids

wooden beads in braids
Chic and summery, we love wooden beads.

Are you going back to school/ the office soon but your mind is still on vacay mode? Then add some wooden beads to your braids to give you that warm feeling even while you’re at work. These beads are a unique take on beaded box braids that will work great for your everyday protective style wear!

2. Cuffed Braids with Beads

Cuffed braids with beads
Wear your beads along your braids for a super stylish look.

Beads don’t have to only be worn at the ends of your braids. They can be worn throughout too! To leave beads spaced out throughout your braids, add the bead where you want it to be placed. Then tie a rubber band underneath it to hold it into place.

To prevent frizzing up your braids with beads throughout this process, use a styling cream such as Emerge My Everything Hair Styling Butter Cream. A fabulous way to spice up the beads and make the hairstyle look even more exquisite is to add some hair cuffs to compliment the beads. 

3. Clear Beads on Braids

Look how cute transparent beads are!

Want a more laid-back look with your beaded braids? Then try using standard clear beads for your hairstyle. These beads are so simple that you will forget you’re wearing them from time to time. Yet they are so cute to the point where they will brighten your mood every time you look in the mirror!

4. Colorful Beaded Braids

colorful beaded braids
Wear the rainbow in your hair with some colorful beads.

Make a statement when you wear these colorful beads. This look is super fun and really makes your braids pop off. You can go multicolor like in the picture or stick to your favorite shade. Either way, you won’t go unnoticed!

5. Long Cornrows with Beads

Although beaded hairstyles are typically worn at shoulder or mid-back length, long braids with beads still look just as great! If you wear cornrows, be sure you tie them up when you need to so that they do not get caught on anything causing the beads to fall off. To help keep your scalp moisturized while having this style, try Dove Amplified Textures Hydration Boost Scalp Tonic, created to enhance the natural beauty of textured hair.

6. Layered Beaded Braids

cornrow styles african beads
Photo Credit: @niamonet.clark

Layered braids are a beautiful way to wear long braids with beads without having to worry about paying special attention to your beads. With this style, you are able to keep your beads at hassle-free length while still flaunting your long hair. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? 

7. Afro Puff Braids

afro and Braids with beads
Elevate your afro with braids and beads!

If you’re looking to explore this style but don’t want to go through the process of braiding all your hair, then try this look. Wear an afro puff, leaving one or two braids at the front of your hair. Then put beads on those two front braids.

When styling your hair use Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil & Angelica Essence Curls and Waves Conditioning and Styling Treatment to help make the process quicker and to leave your hair looking sleek. 

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