Modern Shag Styles to Inspire Your New Look

Beware, you might become obsessed with this look. 

With haircuts like bobs, lobs and even long layered looks, the shag is one of the styles you can create to give your hair a fresh and fashionable look. Modern shag styles, which are basically shag-inspired looks, are really simple to create and if you’re looking for a style that stands out, it should be the first on your list.

We have spotted women of the fashion set wearing their own spin on modern shag hairstyles. Read on for our top five looks and how you can create them on your hair as well.

Modern Shag Styles to Try

modern shag styles: curly hair
Accentuate your curls with a defining gel. Photo credit:

1. Curly Shag

This style is ideal for women with naturally curly hair, but if you don’t have curly hair that’s nothing your curling iron can’t fix. On natural curls, style hair with TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel on clean, damp hair. Work the product through your strands by using your fingers as a comb to apply. Diffuse hair to dry and style your strands the way you prefer.

On straight hair types, prep hair with a heat protectant then create medium curls on each section of your hair. To create the illusion of a layered shag, make some curls tighter than others—the tighter curls will be shorter in length. Allow the curls to cool and set before separating them. Once your curls have set, go in with your hands and separate to create a fuller effect.

modern shag styles: curtain bangs
Sweep your bangs apart to create the look. Photo credit:

2. Curtain Bang Shag

Have grown out bangs? This is the perfect way to style them if you want to refresh your look. Use your hands to sweep your fringe apart to create the curtain bang style. For texture, add a bit of salt spray to your locks and scrunch to wake your texture up. Once your hair is dry from adding your salt spray, use a fine-tooth comb to back comb the ends of your hair to create a more lived-in and grungy look.

modern shag styles: full hair
Va-va-voom volume! Photo credit:

3. Voluminous Shag

This iteration of the shag is one of our favorite looks. Who doesn’t love a bit of volume in their hair from time to time? Pump up your strands by washing with Love Beauty and Planet Volume and Bounty Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Shampoo and Conditioner. This formula, builds bounce into your hair while lightly moisturizing. Allow your hair to air-dry to achieve a natural-looking texture.

modern shag styles: straight hair
Lived-in texture just like the French. Photo credit:

4. French Girl Shag

If you haven’t gotten the hang of creating French-inspired hairstyles we have the ultimate guide for you. Once you get through our easy tips, try your hand at this style. The key to achieving this dull but wearable texture, is to use a dry shampoo or a product that gives your hair a matte finish. Our go-to is the Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream which builds texture in your hair and protects against frizz.

modern shag styles: waves
Turn your bob into a shag in a matter of minutes. Photo credit:

5. Shag-Inspired Waves

You can take cues from your favorite modern shag styles and create them on your bob or lob style. Add a few waves to the ends mixed in with straight sections. Set hair with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1.


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