Balayage Long Hair: 25 Color Ideas to Inspire Your New Look

A subtle update to your long hair with balayage.

Balayage long hair, the more subtle and toned down sister of ombre, is one of our favorite ways to embrace lighter hair this season. We especially love it on long hair where the two-toned color can add a little bit of edge to your strands without forcing you to commit to a full-on color transition. To help you out, we’ve created a gallery of balayage long hair ideas that cross the color spectrum.

Balayage Long Hair: 25 Ideas

From more innocuous thin caramel-colored highlights to a full-on vibrant blue option, we’ve included a range of balayage long hair ideas to inspire your next look. Read on:

1. Subtle Red Balayage

balayage long hair
This transition from brown to red is soft and so beautiful.

This option is perfect for brunettes who are looking for a way to highlight the vibrancy of their natural color with strong red contrast.

2. Grown-in Waves

balayage long hair with blonde tips
A fun way to rock balayage with tips!

Balayage is always a great option for women who can’t fit frequent touchups into their schedules and budgets. Embrace your natural color at your roots and your natural texture with these easy air-dried waves. Set your style with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hair Spray Texture Hold Level 1 for some added movement.

3. Mostly Blonde

balayage long hair long loose curls
No matter what kind of balayage you opt for loose curls will help you show your color off.

This particular balayage look is different because it’s mostly blonde with a hint of brunette. The brown pieces come through at the roots and in subtle undertones throughout the length of the hair.

4. Muted Brown

a woman standing on a window with braided hair
Subtle balayage is still balayage.

Take your natural color up a notch by opting for a very subtle transition from your natural deep brown to a softer muted brunette. This softer shade of brunette is flattering on a range of skin tones.

5. Caramel Strands

balayage long hair caramel
These seemingly randomly placed caramel highlights will give you literal sun-kissed strands

If you’re looking for a messier and more laid-back option, random caramel-colored strands are a great way to flatter darker skin tones in particular. This transition from deep brunette to caramel is a beautiful way to get in on the balayage hair trend.

6. Perfectly Lit

balayage long hair long glossy brown hair waves
Style your magazine-worthy strands in glossy tight curls for a little something extra.

Finding the perfect shade of a slightly lighter brown will give you the illusion of perfectly lit hair (you know what we mean): model-worthy hair that appears to be lit by the highest quality studio lights!

7. Golden Balayage

a woman with short hair updo wearing black dress standing in front of blue wall
A golden balayage looks beautiful no matter how it’s styled.

Start your balayage close to your roots and opt for a blonde just a few shades lifted from your natural color. The results will be a brilliant orange color that will contrast beautifully with your roots.

8. Vibrant Red Curls

a close up shot of a woman with curly hair wearing denim oufit
We’re about to answer your prayers for natural-looking highlights.

Brown hair that gets a reddish tinge in the sunlight is the hair gods’ gift to us. Fake this beautiful natural contrast with a balayage that mimics this phenomenon.

9. Light Brown Means Lighter Blonde

balayage long hair rooted
A sun-kissed hue to highlight your long hair.

The lighter your natural color is, the lighter you can go with your balayage. A softer brunette base will yield a beautiful blonde shade on the ends of your hair.

10. Feathery Soft Balayage

a smiling woman with ombre hair wearing a black sweater
You’d be surprised about the number of options you have when it comes to blonde balayage.

Pairing an ashy blonde with your medium brown roots yields a feathery soft balayage that still manages to make a statement without going overboard.

11. Blonde Tips

a woman standing in front of a grey background wearing a fur coat and black black outfit
Add some color to your brown hair with this Fashion Editor-worthy style.

We like to consider this balayage form and color as prime fashion editor material. On-trend and ‘in the know’ with a style that’s easy to keep up with.

12. Subtle Color

balayage long hair messy subtle frizzy curls
Just because you’re altering your hair color doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your natural texture.

Take advantage of how your natural curls affect your color as it transitions from light to dark and opt for a shade only slighter lighter than your roots. The two colors will blend to perfection every time you embrace your natural texture. Give your curls a boost with Dove Curls Defining Mousse!

13. Classic Balayage

balayage long hair messy Beachy
This classic balayage works with any hair texture and every hair accessory.

This chestnut base and caramel balayage combination are what we like to consider a classic balayage on long hair.

14. Latte Hues

balayage long hair light brown blonde
This long balayage has us craving our favorite corner coffee shop latte.

We know we keep going with the coffee flavors analogies but stick with us here: this variation includes such a wide range of shades from dark to light and reminds us of that prime Instagram-worthy moment when the cream swirls into your black coffee. We can’t get enough of this gorgeous color transition!

15. Thicker Highlights

balayage long hair light curls
Not all balayage styles were created equal.

Wide highlights like these are generally reserved for the lead female roles on early 2000 sitcoms but this smooth balayage version takes this style straight into 2019.

16. Bright Ends

balayage long hair light ombre
Start with just the ends.

If you’re not ready to full-on commit to a full head balayage you might want to consider just dyeing your ends. This way if you decide to go for a drastic haircut later in the season you can always make your balayage phase short-lived.

17. Start at the top.

balayage long hair harsh contrast
Preserve your natural color only at the roots.

Leave just the roots be and opt for a bright and vibrant blonde for the rest of your strands.

18. Honey-Colored Strands

balayage long hair half bun
Gear up for a few rounds of bleach. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

If your roots are a medium-dark brown it will likely take you a few rounds of bleach to get to a honey shade like this one.

19. High Contrast

balayage long hair curly rooted
Making a statement with your hair is easier than you think.

There’s nothing we love more than a statement when it comes to hair color. Bleach blonde piece-y curls are extra bold when paired with a red lip color like the one pictured above.

20. Subtle Color and Placement

balayage long hair caramel
Consider this balayage like a killer sparkly face highlight — but for your hair. Photo credit: Dvora

A balayage style like this one also preserves most of your natural color while still managing to make a statement with soft and thin balayage highlights that frame the face.

21. Curly Hair and Blonde Balayage

balayage long hair curly hair with highlights
A gorgeous way to rock balayage hair on curly locks. Photo credit:

Some of our favorite balayage looks are based on just the right kind of dimension. Focusing the highlights on just the top layers of your hair will allow your natural color to give dimension from underneath.

22. Soft Waves

balayage long hair waves
These beach waves perfectly show off your color.

These soft waves are a great way to show off your fresh hair color. This easy transition from medium brown roots to honey blonde ends is one of our favorite balayage hair looks to date.

23. Soft Roots

balayage long hair subtle transition
This subtle transition helps you maintain your base color.

If you’re a brunette at heart and you’re just looking for subtle ways to upgrade your color, try maintaining your roots and opting for lighter ends. This look is flattering on a range of skin tones!

24. Sleek and Short

balayage long hair straight lob
Keep it straight, sleek, and short.

Keep it straight, sleek, and short with this balayage lob. The sharp edges draw even more attention to your beautiful hair color.

25. Natural Curls

balayage long hair natural curls
Embrace your natural curl pattern.

Show off your fresh hair color by embracing your natural curl pattern. Use TRESemmé One Step Styler Curls Crème-Gel to keep your curls intact in between washes.

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