How to Avoid or Enhance Frizzy Tresses to Nail Your Look

To frizz or not to frizz? That is the question. 

Frizz, you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it. Wait, let us explain. Although frizz is something that many of us try so hard to avoid to make sure we don’t have a bad hair day, there are many who create intentional frizz to enhance the look of their hairstyles. For example, remember our favorite frizzy hairstyles trend? Looks like these call for a teasing of the hair here and there to make the look even more stylish. Ahead we’re sharing some tips for those who dread a frizzy hair day and tips to enhance frizzy tresses for those that love them. Best of both worlds, right!

How to Enhance or Prevent Frizzy Tresses

long brown hair prevent frizzy tresses
Prevent frizz and flyaways with hair products and simple styling tips.

Ways to Prevent Frizzy Tresses

1. Apply leave-in conditioners post-wash.

Use leave in conditioners to help tame frizz and prevent flyaways. A leave-in conditioner, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Heat Defense Leave-in Conditioner, infuses keratin and seals the hair cuticle, resulting in long-lasting frizz control.

2. Don’t touch hair until it’s completely dry.

This is crucial when wet styling, especially if you’re trying to create a hairstyle overnight on damp hair. For instance, one of our favorite wavy hair hacks is to braid damp hair overnight and release in the morning when the hair is dry. However, there are times when you wake up and your hair is still slightly damp. If you release your hair while damp, it may cause a frizzy situation. Instead, use a blowdryer to dry your hair first, then release.

3. Use a hairspray to set your hair.

This is a step that many of us tend to skip. Hairspray helps seal your hairstyles and prevent frizz. If you prefer a formula that doesn’t leave your hair stiff, there are many. For setting a style with flexible hold, opt for Dove Style+Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray to fight frizz and prevent flyaways.

frizzy tresses wavy hair size
Boost the look of frizzy hairstyles with frizz enhancing techniques.

Ways to Enhance Frizzy Tresses

1. Use a salt spray to enhance the texture.

For hairstyles that require a little bit of frizz action to create the look, opt for using a salt spray to help enhance your texture. Spray your hair with salt spray onto your hair from root to tip, scrunch with your hands and allow the product to dry.

2. Try backcombing.

The backcombing technique is one of our favorite hairstyle hacks. Not only does the technique seal the ends of braided hairstyles, but it’s also a way to enhance the look of frizzy hairstyles. Need a little help? Check out how N1kk1sSecr3t used the backcombing technique to create her 80s-inspired hairstyle.

For more tips to prevent frizzy tresses, check out how you can get rid of bad hair day blues. If you love the frizzy hair look, check out some teasing hairstyles to try out on your hair.