Boy Band Hairstyles That Will Leave Those Around You Swooning

Emulate your fave boy band with these fresh styles

We think it’s finally time to bring back the classic boy band hairstyles that so many of us grew up adoring and idolizing. Men, if you want to get the attention of anyone, go for one of these styles that are romantic, edgy, and make a stranger want your autograph. These styles are great for switching up your look for a date night or other special occasion. If these boy band hairstyles are a little too much for you on the reg, perhaps they can be the finishing touch to a perfect Halloween costume?

boy band hairstyles romantic long style
Take advantage of longer locks and create a romantic gelled style. Photo Credit:

The Romantic Look

This style is one of the easier boy band hairstyles. It plays up a romantic look that is both dreamy and handsome. A style like this works best on those who have longer strands that can be gelled back and maintain a loose flow and airiness. Your hair doesn’t have to be all long, but the top should be long enough to comfortably style with gel.

When creating this style, take small amounts of gel at a time. You don’t want it to become overly shiny or sticky looking. We recommend using Dove Men+Care Control Gel as it’s strong but not overly goopy. Lightly gel back your hair to make it appear windswept and a little wavy. The goal is to create movement, so don’t comb your hair back tightly or anything like that. Finish with some hairspray to make sure your style will stay throughout the day. Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray is a great option.

boy band hairstyles highly constructed look
A high styled look is the epitome of boy band hairstyles. Photo Credit:

Highly Constructed

The highly constructed style is where boy band hairstyles meet emo “misunderstood” cutie hairstyles. We love the chaos and mystery this style creates. It’s perfect for those who are comfortable with a lot of hair product and leaving some hair in front of your face, just like 2006. A style like this works best if you have longer layers on top to work with. Use a pomade to “clump” hair together and bring it forward to slightly cover your eyes and heavily frame your face. Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade will help you achieve this look.