Get the Look: Runway-Inspired Zombie Hair for Halloween

High fashion meets Halloween.

Every season, when we check out the trends from the runway, many of us are actually seeking hair trends that we can try now. While you may not think of finding Halloween hair inspiration on the runway, we beg to differ and have found fashion week to really be a one-stop-shop for everything. This Halloween, we’re drawing zombie hair inspiration from a blast from the past trend found on the Spring/Summer runways. Looking to try a Halloween look with a dose of high fashion? Then you definitely have to try out this easy zombie hair tutorial.

zombie hair halloween
Complete your look with the perfect zombie inspired face. Photo credit:

Step 1: Refresh Your Hair

You want your zombie hair to be big and weightless. Refresh hair with dry shampoo to begin creating your zombie hair look. Spray some Bed Head by TIGI OH Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo to rid your hair from any excess oils.

Step 2: Tease Your Hair

To get that big nest inspired look, backcomb your entire head. Take small sections of hair and backcomb with a fine-tooth comb from ends to mid-lengths until you get the matted look you desire.

zombie hair for Halloween
High fashion meets Halloween in this ghoulish updo. Photo credit:

Step 3: Create Your Updo

Gather hair up into a big beehive inspired updo. Use hairpins to secure your look in place. After pinning hair up, use your hands to pull pieces of your updo apart to create a bigger and fuller effect.

Step 4: Add a Little Shine and Hold

Give your masterpiece a bit of shine and a whole lot of hold by using some Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Hairspray.

Step 5: Add Powder

Creating Halloween looks at home doesn’t have to break the back. After all, you’re wearing this look for just one night. In lieu of buying white colored hair spray or hair chalk, use a product you probably already have in your medicine cabinet! Sprinkle baby powder all over your hair and spread it throughout your style with your fingers.

Bonus: To create a modern and trendy vibe to your look, you can also add glitter to your roots.

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