Cinnamon Hair: The Spicy Hair Color of the Summer Season

Alyssa François | 28 July 2017

Scoot over red, cinammon is the new ‘it’ summer color.

With all the bold and colorful hair trends going viral on the Internet at the moment, it may seem that the hottest hair colors to have right now are those that are vibrant. However, not all of us can (or want!) to rock rose gold hair, champagne blonde or rainbow roots. Some of us would rather try something a bit more understated; that’s still fun and trendy. Lately, we’ve been noticing that a lot of women sporting a cool new blend called cinnamon colored hair. While this hue may not be the kind of color you’ll gravitate toward during the summer season, it definitely does have a sexy and spicy effect.

Cinnamon Hair: The Spicy Hair Color of the Summer Season

Why we love the cinnamon hair color trend?

This hue is great if you’re looking for something that will transition into the forthcoming seasons. With fall right around the corner, you don’t really need to book an appointment to tone down the color to complement the season. While everyone is probably thinking of getting a color like pumpkin spice (so cliché) you have this stunning and spicy hair color that will get you through the warm and cold seasons.

What we love even more is that you don’t technically need a colorist to get this color. You can pick up a box dye and do it yourself. But if you want to spice it up even more with highlights, ask a professional for help.

cinnamon hair color:
Spice up your life this season with a bright cinnamon hue that looks like it could pass for auburn. Photo credit:
cinnamon hair color
Try a deep cinnamon tone if you’re going for a warmer hue. Photo credit:
cinnamon hair color straight
If you need a hint of a lighter color, opt for face-framing blonde highlights. The soft color helps brighten up the cinnamon hue along with your skin tone. Photo credit:


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