5 Festive Hair Color Ideas for the Holidays

What a bright time! It's the right time to rock that hue away.

Winter is a super awesome time to experiment with hair color ideas (yay, holiday parties!). For one, if you’re landlocked without a pool or beach in sight, there’s little risk of you brassing up that bright new shade (plus you’ve got a beanie to tuck it under, in the off chance you get too color-happy.). On the other hand, if, like the other little birdies, you do end up flying south for some tropical R&R, then wouldn’t you also want your hair color seriously fleeky in your vacay photos?

In terms of hair color ideas, the general rule is the paler the skin, the brighter/darker/more intense you can go with your hair. It’s all about not looking washed out at the end of the day, which is why deep brunettes and black hair actually looks pretty flattering in the winter, when our complexions tend to see less sun.

Read on for a few striking hair color ideas you might want to play with when the temperature drops and we’re all in need of a good color boost. We’re almost to the end of the year—finish strong, ladies!

5 Festive Hair Color Ideas for the Holidays

festive hair color ideas red
Bright red hair gets you noticed at all the parties.

1. Bright red

What better shade to start off with than, natch, red as cheeky as holly berries? This vibrant scarlet plays off gorgeously against winter-pale skintones and also pops against a sea of drab neutral outerwear. It’s also a chic and expensive-looking red that’s the perfect accessory for your sparkly jewel-toned party dresses. Bonus: With the weather being what it is (read: sub-zero), you can also skip more hair washes, therefore extending your color vibrance for longer.

festive hair color ideas jet black hair
Our kind of holiday classic: jet-black hair and poinsettia-red lips. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Jet black

Ladies with dark hair and eyebrows can push the envelope with an all-out jet black when it gets cold. Any other time of the year this shade can be a bit too harsh, but not when the city’s white-out awash in snow, as the contrast is actually really beautiful—ethereal, even. Cooler-undertoned women, or those with a lot of pink or peach in their cheeks, look glowing with jet-black hair. Be wary though: It takes more work to lighten hair after it’s been dyed darker, so make sure you’re not planning to go blonde anytime soon.

festive hair color ideas silver
Bring your own tinsel with silvery streaks. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Silver

Silver belles, listen up: If you’re already having a jolly-rockin’ time with your granny gray locks, try to tinsel out for a month or so. Hair color ideas like silver and platinum blonde can wash you out if you’re not careful, so ask your stylist for highlights and lowlights to add dimension to your gray dye job. Paired with ruby-red lips, navy liner and some flirty glitter roots though, and people are going to line up next to you under the mistletoe!

festive hair color ideas chestnut
What goes with your rich, brown hue? Some cider, a fireplace and a cozy bear hug.

4. Chestnut

Okay, if you’re more of a “by-the-open-fire” kinda gal—or perhaps you’ve got more yellow to your undertones—a deep, rich, nutty brown shade is an excellent choice. Not only will it warm up your complexion and counteract any sallowness, it’s also easier to maintain when the weather lets up, meaning you can actually go with the flow come spring. Stick to full-bodied browns, such as walnut, chestnut, chocolate and even auburn (no ash tones for now), and prepare to be seriously snuggled.

festive hair color ideas ice blue
Pair icy blue hair with dark lashes and lips for a sultrier evening look. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Ice blue

For all you mermaids, unicorns and cotton-candied gals in the house, there’s no need to jump off the pastel party just yet. And just as water freezes over, simply ice out that ocean blue and go for a more crystal-colored variety, like periwinkle or all-out white. Team things up with pale-pink lips and all of the glitter, and ta-da, instant snow queen status!

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