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Editors’ Picks: Gorgeous Brunette Hair Shades To Try

Shades of brown that are bound to turn heads.

How could anyone have trouble deciding whether they should go brunette or not? The upkeep and maintenance is on the easy side (no fancy purple shampoo needed here). And, no matter the shade, this color glistens when the light hits it. Isn’t this enough to mark this hair color as sold? Seems pretty much like the perfect color job for a low maintenance gal, if you ask us.

What more could you want and, what’s really holding you back? Maybe your issue lays within the options of chocolatey shades to choose from—spoiled for choice, huh? Totally feel your pain. Are you a dark chocolate type of girl or prefer milk chocolate? Ok, maybe it’s not so easy as picking and choosing a candy bar to satisfy your sweet tooth. But it’s still worth salivating over. Let us help you come over to the dark side with five of our favorite brunette hair shades.

Five Of The Best Brunette Hair Shades 

Brunette ombre hair
Go for a long brown ombre on your long hair. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Brunette ombré

Seriously, it’s all in the mix with this option. Maybe you’re already a brunette or maybe your hair is jet black, and you want to go lighter, but not too light. Subtle hints of a shade slightly lighter than your natural shade is a surefire way to crank up your hairstyle without overdoing it. And if you’re blonde, reverse ombré is definitely having a moment, too. Try not to look like you took inspiration from a fox’s tail (although that can be nice too if you want a strong statement) by asking your stylist to use a blend of brunette hues to achieve the perfect gradient.

brunette on long straight hair
Subtle copper highlights on mahogany hair. Photo credit:

2. Rich mahogany tresses 

Kick ashy and mousy brown hues to the side, and go bold with this radiant reddish brown shade. Want to add some highlights? Opt for soft copper locks to frame your face and heighten up the sexy effects of your brunette ‘do.

Brunette hair chocolate brown
A rich chocolate brown is bound to turn heads

3. Stunning dark chocolate

Create a bold statement with this dark and rich brunette hue. The contrast of this hair color against bright colored eyes is very pungent, and we love that! This color option is ideal for someone with dark hair trying out color for the first time, seeking a color that gives them an understated transformation. Yes, baby steps my friend one or two levels lighter than your natural hair color allows you to play it safe. Or, if you’re super light and want to go dark (we like your style!), go big or go home! We’ve seen our favorite celebrities go from platinum blonde to brunette (and some bronde) and we think we can all agree: Brunettes are indeed having the most fun!

brunette lob bangs
Rock some bangs as your next look. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Mocha latte mane

Take some inspiration from the color of your favorite latte. Hey, pumpkin spice can’t have all the fun! The slight reddish undertones of this brown hue play well with skin shades that have warm underlying pigments by accentuating its earthy tones. Oh, you like your latte with extra foam? Great, match your hair to your drink preference with subtle frosty highlights. Who needs an extra shot? Not you, your hair is wide awake!

brunette ombré ideas
Tired of your blonde ombré? Add some semi-permanent brunette rinse to your ends.

5. Chestnut locks 

If you’re currently transitioning from a blonde ombré situation gone rogue, or just simply tired of the style, ease back into your roots with chestnut brunette. With this warm brunette shade, the areas of your hair that once was blonde will give off a sultry chocolatey hue that glistens with luminous reddish hints. Opt got a permanent hair dye to lift the color to really bring out those underlying pigments of red. Alternatively, you can go for a temporary color rinse if you’re still warming up to trying something new on your old blonde ombré job.

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