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Ghost Layers: The Hair Trend That’s Taking 2023 by Storm

A layered haircut like no other!

We’re always excited to discover new hair trends, especially if a new season is approaching! The latest hair sensation that’s been “haunting” salons and social media is… ghost layers. Don’t worry; this new haircut technique doesn’t involve paranormal activities but the skillful use of subtle layering to add depth, movement, and an otherworldly charm to your locks. Let’s dive into the world of ghost layers and discover how this beautiful hair trend is taking salons by storm.

What are Ghost Layers?

girl with face-framing layers
Ghost layers are great on any hair type.

Ghost layers are a hairstyling technique invented by hairstylist Ramon Garcia. It involves cutting your hair at an angle, creating soft layers that are invisible to the eye. The final goal is to add movement and texture without sacrificing or altering the length of your strands. Unlike traditional layers, which are typically noticeable and add texture and volume, ghost layers aim for a more subtle and ethereal effect.

How To Get Ghost Layers at The Salon

To create ghost layers, your hairstylist will choose a section of hair from the top of the head, cutting the length away and layering sections with a square or inversion layer technique. This process will add weight to the chosen isolated sections, adding movement to the surface. Instead of removing the largest amount of weight as you would in a typical layering process, the shortest part of the layers has not been connected to the longest point in the length, creating a more subtle effect.

Do Ghost Layers Suit Any Hair Type?

ghost layers
Ghost layers are the trendiest way to add texture and movement.

According to professionals, ghost layers can suit practically everyone who wants to add volume and texture to their hair. Subtle layers like this work great on thin or fine hair because they help to add volume and movement. The ghost layering technique suits thick hair as well. In general, layering thick hair helps to eliminate weight and enhance dimension while maintaining length. Unlike other layering procedures, ghost layers help preserve a healthy, full length of hair by blending all the layers naturally into the rest of the hair.

4 Ghost Layers Styling Ideas

1. Beach Waves

girl with blonde beachy hair and bottleneck bangs
Go for a beachy vibe by creating loose waves throughout your hair. Photo credit: @tomsmithhd

Ghost layers are perfect for recreating the beach waves style all year long. You can also enhance the movement effect with fair highlights on the strands framing your face. Don’t forget to use a nourishing milk gel like SheaMoisture Papaya & Neroli All Day Frizz Control Milk Gel, to keep your strands styled and free from frizz all day long.

2. Long And Sleek

long straight brown hair
Ghost layers help maintain the same length while adding volume.

The trick with ghost layers is that they help you maintain the same length while adding volume and texture to your hair. They’re perfect if you want to try layers but not commit to the full look.

3. Curly Layers

ghost layers curls
Add curls to your ghost layers for extra volume.

Adding curls to your subtle layered haircut will help highlight the newfound movement and depth.

4. Loose Waves

honey blonde loose waves
Ghost layers and loose waves are a match made in Heaven.

The inventor of ghost layers himself practiced this haircut on loose wavy hair, so the combo is a match made in heaven! This style is also recommended for those with thin hair looking to add some volume. And if you need an extra hand, try Suave Root Lifting Volume Boosting Spray, to add depth to any hairstyle.

Will you try ghost layers this season? We can’t wait to see and share your new haircut on @AllThingsHairUS.

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