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Summer’s Best Accessory: Easy Bed Head Hair

Legit woke-up-like-this glam.

So what if Labor Day’s around the corner? We’re in blissful denial about the end of these sexy summer days, and to be honest, our locks are proof. Loose, tousled and granted, a bit strung out as we approach the end of beach season (but nothing a good trim and deep condition can’t fix), we’re definitely deep into the whole devil-may-care look and feel of summer glam. Can you blame us though? There’s nothing quite as relaxed as the peculiar hot-weather beauty combo of ice pop-stained lips and easy bed head hair, which is why these remain staples—with a few even extending their wear till the crisper fall and winter months—year in and year out.

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Let’s review: Just because the look literally implies you stumbling out of bed into brunch world doesn’t mean it can’t be a look that’s on purpose. Just like rich-girl hair, a look that features a second-day bend in your locks (purportedly after partying it up till dawn in some expensive hotel suite somewhere), it denotes a certain amount of dishevel. Easy bed head hair is legit woke-up-like-this hair: There’s a bit of frizz, some flyaways, some visible fuzz particularly obvious against the harsh fluorescence in the R train. It’s also the de facto trademark of ladies who literally had better things to do—i.e. feed on some bomb Eggs Florentines—other than care about their hair.

Texture makes it easier

For some reason, in the summer, everything goes out of wack, our hair included. Even normally obedient, stick-straight hair turns a bit rebellious with the heat. And rather than lose whatever we have left of our cool by wrangling our locks into whatever fussy style, why not just go with the flow and embrace your new summer texture? Whether this is a sudden onset of volume, some defiant cowlicks or even trying too hard to curl or straighten, when your locks clearly want the opposite—it’s a study in frustration, frankly, and even disappointment. To wit: A lot of women with natural hair have also taken to embracing their gorgeous natural textures rather than using weaves and extensions, especially in hot weather. Provided you’re keeping up with basic hygiene—detangling, de-greasing, keeping strands conditioned—a textured, rumpled ‘do is a safe, damage-free style you can add on to your stable of summer looks. We also like adding to the drama with a dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh+Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo, to sop up excess oils and add some texture.



Need more inspiration? Scroll on below for a few of the sexiest, easy bed head hair looks we could find and see if you can wear them to your next end-of-summer soirée. Hello, cute French-girl hair!

easy bed head hair rich girl bends
More democratic than the name implies, rich-girl hair is simply second-day hair with a loose wave (so achievable, right?). Photo credit: indigitalimages.com
easy bed head hair air dried
For the ’90s fans, a middle-parted grungy look is the hairstyle of choice. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com
easy bed head hair braids
Want to look like you put in 0.01% effort? Do an easy, did-this-in-the-backseat-of-a-cab braid. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com
easy bed head hair wavy
Tucking your hair into your choker? Perfect for days for when you literally can’t even. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com
easy bed head hair shaggy
Air drying can give an extra jolt of texture to shaggy hairstyles. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com
easy bed head hair curly bob
The epitome of wash and wear. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com




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