Short Haircuts for Curly Hair: 24 Short Cuts for Any Curl Pattern

Looking for the right curly cut? We've got you covered. 

Contrary to popular belief, short haircuts can work in any curly girl’s favor as long as she finds the right cut for her face shape and curl type. There are so many ways you can style your new short hair whether you have a pixie, bob or lob. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our most favorite short haircuts for curly hair. Read on to get inspired:

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair: 24 Looks to Love

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair: Pixies

short haircuts for curly hair pixie
Teeny weeny afro.

1. Extra Short Fro

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably obsessed with the pixie haircut. For this short curly haircut, it’s all about working with your natural texture. Use some gel to define your curls when styling your hair and that’s all there is to the look.

short haircuts for curly hair ringlets
Portrait of happy young mixed race woman, vertical

2. Pixie Ringlets

If you have a longer pixie, you can opt for this ringlet style. To get the look may take a little bit of extra time and effort depending on how chunky you want your curls to be. Use a comb or your hands to coil clean, damp hair into coils and allow your hair to dry before loosening. If you want to try short curly hair with bangs, simply coil a section of hair towards your face and you’ve got a stylish fringe.

short haircuts for curly pixie: mohawk style
Fake the mohawk look with this style.

3. Mohawk-Inspired

Tired of the same old short curly cute style? Kick it up a notch with an edgy style. Take cues from the mohawk haircut to recreate this short curly style.

short haircuts for curly hair: short afro
Easy to maintain and easy to style.

4. The Classic ‘Fro Cut

Want an easy way to style your short naturally curly hair? Fro it out! Wash, dry and pick it out until you get the volume and shape you fancy.

short haircuts for curly hair: cute pixie curls
Keep it simple with a short and cute curls. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

5. Soft, Chic and Simple Curly Cut

Who doesn’t love hairstyles for short curly hair that require little to no effort at all? We sure do! To keep your curls in check, opt for sleeping with a comfy set of sponge rollers at night.

short haircuts for curly hair
Fro goals! Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

6. High Top Curly Cut

If you’re growing out your naturally curly hair but want a specific shape like a high top and low sides, consider this high top curly cut. Styling is fairly easy but you must keep up with your trims to maintain the shape.

short haircuts for curly hair: loose pixie curls
Smooth your short curls back. Photo credit:

7. Off-Duty Cool Curly Cut

In the mood for laid-back short haircuts for curly hair? This is one of the reasons why we love the pixie. On lazy days, smooth your curls back with a fingertip amount of some gel and your style is complete.

short haircuts for curly hair: textured afro
Texture is the cherry on top! Photo credit:

8. Textured Short Cut

Wondering what to do with short curly hair with a beautiful thick texture? Embrace it! Allow your cut to help you display the beauty of your curly hair.

short haircuts for curly hair round cur
Borrowed from the boys. But better, of course! Photo credit:

9. Boyish Curly Cut

Borrow this look from the boys and show them who’s boss! Obviously, girls do it better!

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair: Bobs

short haircuts for curly hair: dark brow
Dark and lovely bob style.

10. Dark Brown Bob

After you’ve found the short curly hairstyle you love, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a bit of an update with a fresh new color. We love the look of a warm brown tone on a bob during any season.

short haircuts for curly hair: platinum bob waves
Go for the platinum look.

11. Platinum Curly Bob

Brown tones not your thing? Platinum hues are always in style as well. Go for this striking blonde look on your curly bob.

short haircuts for curly hair: half-up curls
Some up, some down.

12. Half Up-Half Down Bob Haircut

We’re not tired of this trend, and you shouldn’t be either. To create the look, pull the top section of your short naturally curly hair into a mini ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.

short haircuts for curly hair:
Slept-in texture nails this look.

13. Bedhead Curly Bob

Undone hairstyles are not yet a thing of the past. Recreate natural short curly hairstyles like this by focusing in creating the lived in texture. You can either gently tease your curls with a comb when styling, or use your fingers to create the bedhead a.k.a lived-in look.

short haircuts for curly hair:
Wavy bob for loose curl patterns. Photo credit: Dvora

14. Wavy Bob

What to do with short curly hair with looser curl patterns? Well, you have plenty options but you can’t ever go wrong with the classic bob. We love the vintage finger wave-inspired look of this style above.

short haircuts for curly hair:
A pop of color to spruce up your bob style.

15. Balayage Curly Bob

Give your short curly haircut a natural looking color job with the balayage method. Need ideas for dark hair? We have plenty gorgeous dark balayage ideas to choose from.

a curly short hair woman in the garden sunlighted
Low maintenance curly style.

16. Side Part Bob

This is such a quick and easy short curly style for natural hair textures. Get the look by parting your hair to the side and creating two strand twists with gel to set your curl. Once dry, loosen the hair and fluff.

Short Haircuts for Curly Hair Lob Styles

short haircuts for curly hair: blonde lob
Pretty golden hue

17. Blonde Curly Lob

There’s nothing like leaving the salon with a fresh cut, color and bouncy curls. Go for this golden blonde hue, trendy lob length, and this loose curl effect.

short haircuts for curly hair: beach waves
Waves are in style all year round.

18. Beach Wave Lob

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear a beach wave hairstyle past the summer season. Recreate this look at anytime with the help of some salt spray and scrunching.

short haircuts for curly hair: long bob
Gorgeous curls with asymmetrical lob cut.

20. Asymmetrical Curly Cut

What makes this curly lob stand out is the asymmetrical shape. To get the look, ask your stylist to create some depth by leaving the front longer than the back.

short haircuts for curly hair: shoulder length curls
Long enough for an updo style.

21. Long Bob

Thinking of a curly cut but still want to be able to wear your hair up into a ponytail? The long bob cut is extremely versatile and super cute!

short haircuts for curly hair: loose curl lob
Loose and airy lob style.

22. Loose Curly Lob

Got a looser curl pattern? No problem. If you still want the flexibility of changing up your look from time to time, play it safe with a lob haircut.

short haircuts for curly hair: off center part lob
Try this hair parting to change up your look.

23. Off-Center Curly Lob

When you’re itching to change up your short cut a bit, an easy styling trick is to change your hair part. Try this off-center hair part a.k.a our new favorite ways to part hair.

short haircuts for curly hair: ash brown hair
Can’t get enough of this ash brown tone.

24. Ash Brown

Whether you choose to get the look on your own with box dye or with the help of a professional, we can’t see how anyone could go wrong with this ash brown color. Give the look a shot this season on your short curly hair.

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