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Wave Tools for Hair That’s WCW-Worthy

Larger than a crimp, and more natural than a spiral.

If you scroll through of our Instagram #WCW (or Woman-Crush Wednesday) bookmarks, you’d probably find a distinct—creepy?—similarity: They have sexy, touchably tousled hair. Hair that seems undaunted by a 90-degree humidity index, with every beachy wave impeccably in place and styled so effortlessly, it makes us want to break our fishtail combs in half. (Of course, “effortless” being an illusory concept in the industry, we know this means just learning how to wield some wave tools for hair with some serious #skillz.) Regardless! Sexy-looking hair will always be an obsession, and we’re here to help us all achieve those hair goals once and for all. Read on:

Wave Tools for Hair That’s Effortlessly Sexy

wave tools for hair scandi waves
Loosely crimped waves are all the rage. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

For the uninitiated, getting wavy hair that’s just the right mix of defined and tousled can no doubt be a challenge. So much so, that regular curling irons or flat irons can even fall short of giving us the look we want—that messy, beachy, texturized wave that’s been all the rage for the past few seasons. In other words: That blogger lob? Yup, it’s finally within reach.

bed head ceramic wave tools for hair
Mermaid hair, finally a reality!

1. Not a Curl, Not Yet a Flat Iron

A waver is a hot tool that, unlike a flat iron, has a beveled plate that allows you to press bends into sections of hair. Similar to a crimper, it allows you to effectively create a wave without twirling your hair around the barrel. The results are sculpted, mermaid-like bends that are more bohemian-chic than the regular tousled curl, and are akin to the texture a lot of hair types naturally get when exposed to salt water. Bed Head by TIGI Wave Artist Tourmaline Ceramic Deep Waver does this while also keeping frizz at bay—ideal for nailing the look without the bad-hair headache.

bed head adjustable wave tools for hair
Two-pronged hair tools might need a bit of a learning curve.

2. Two-Pronged

Other wave tools for hair rely on multiple prongs to affix a bend in the hair, just like Bed Head by TIGI A Wave We Go Tourmaline Ceramic Adjustable Waver. Hair is alternately threaded up and over each of the prongs, which gives hair a tighter, more angular bend. Obviously, you can also tailor the intensity of your waves by keeping it as loose (or as tightly spaced) as you wish. We prefer a slightly haphazard, medium-spaced crimp, finished with a wave-enhancing gel, like TRESemmé Make Waves Shaping Gel Cream, for control and shine. You’re done!

Looking for some more info on wavy hairstyles for the season? Check out our textured waves tutorial.

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