Tutorial: How to Create a Fishtail Bun

Upgrade your classic chignon in minutes. 

fishtail braid bun



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The classic ballerina bun is as versatile as it gets when it comes to quick and easy hairstyles. It’s work appropriate, perfect for a Sunday running errands, and is a perfectly acceptable wedding guest hairstyle. It really doesn’t get any more versatile than that. Consider this fishtail bun the slightly upgraded version of that ballerina bun. Easy to create and just a bit more sophisticated than a simple bun, you’ll find yourself wearing this fishtail bun over and over again:

How to Create a Fishtail Bun


Prep your hair.

Start off by prepping your hair with dry shampoo. We suggest using Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo to really absorb any oil buildup and give your strands a fresh start for this style. 

fishtail bun prep hair dry shampoo

Create a ponytail.

Gather your hair up into a high ponytail and take care to smooth out your strands in order to create a neat base for your style

fishtail bun create ponytail

Separate hair.

Section off your ponytail into two separate sections and hold one section in each hand. 

fishtail bun separate hair

Begin braiding.

Begin your fishtail braid by crossing a small strand of hair over from one section to the other. Repeat the same on the other side and continue braiding your way down the ponytail.

fishtail bun start braiding

Continue braiding and secure.

Finish off the braid and secure the braid with a thin hair tie. Use your fingers to pancake the braid and spread it apart for more volume.

fishtail bun secure and pancake

Wrap and pin.

Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail to create a bun and use a few bobby pins to secure the style in place. 

fishtail bun pin the bun


That’s it! This versatile style will upgrade just about any style.

fishtail bun done

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