Calling All Short Hair Fans Because the Bixie is Spring’s IT Cut

Looking for a new short style this year? The Bixie haircut has you covered!

From lobs to flobs, it seems like there’s a new short style showing up on our feeds or the red carpet every month. The latest look to takeover? The bixie haircut. You guessed it! This is a bob-meets-pixie haircut. Hitting that sweet spot just longer than a pixie style, but not quite a bob, makes this the perfect haircut for so many women who are looking to try out a short style this season.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this ‘it girl’ style and how you can ask your stylist for the bixie haircut.

All About the Bixie Haircut

Girl with a brunette pixie haircut. Photo Credit: @melissathehairwizard

Whether you want to learn how to ask for this style or just need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

What is a Bixie Haircut?

bixie haircut brown hair
Bixie vs pixie haircut: learn the difference. Photo credit:

The bixie haircut is a length that’s slightly longer than a pixie cut, but not as long as a bob. We’ve seen many celebrities show off this style recently and we seriously can’t get enough.

bixie haircut brown hair side part
Bixie hairstyle is longer than pixie, but shorter than bob. Photo credit:

This cut is most known for its layers, giving it an almost shaggy vibe. We’ve seen both invisible and choppy layers with this look, and bangs are often added to the style too.

bixie haircut brown hair
Bixie haircut is all about layers. Photo credit:

A bixie cut is a perfect style to wear if you’re wanting to go short, either slightly shorter than a bob or just don’t want to have a bob, but not quite as short as a traditional pixie.

bixie haircut brown hair
Due to layers and ear length, it gives your hair incredible volume. Photo credit:

Also, this haircut is perfect for women who are working on growing out a pixie cut. We feel you, nothing is worse than that awkward in-between phase–luckily this style has your back!

bixie haircut brown hair side part
What is a bixie haircut, and how to ask your stylist for it? Photo credit:

How to Ask for a Bixie Haircut

girl with pixie haircut
Try a pixie haircut with invisible layers on relaxed hair.

So, you’ve decided you’re ready to dive into the trend and get a bixie haircut, the only problem is you’re not sure how to ask for it. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!

bixie haircut brown hair wavy
You may not know all the haircut definitions, but you can always bring photo references with you. Photo credit:

It’s always best to bring photos as references if you have any, but if not, ask for a length just above your chin. You’ll also want to ask for either invisible or choppy layers. It’s crucial to have layers in the look so your style doesn’t become boxy.

bixie haircut brown hair red highlights
With added highlights, your hairstyle will look even more voluminous. Photo credit:

Invisible layers will allow you to cut to gradually taper in the back and choppy layers will give it that shaggier look. It’s also important to note, to avoid accidentally getting a “Karen haircut,” you’ll want to avoid an angled or asymmetric approach. If you want to add fringe, short curtain bangs are a great option.

bixie haircut brown hair wavy
Curly bixie with curtain bangs. Photo credit:

How to Style

One of the great things about this haircut is that it’s easy to style; you don’t need a plethora of products or time to get it looking just right.

bixie haircut brown straight hair
It looks great on both straight and wavy hair. Photo credit:

The first way you can style it is simply by blow-drying with a round brush. Start by rough drying your hair, so it’s around 70% dry. Next, use a small round brush to smooth out hair and dry the rest of your strands.

For a soft, frizz-free look, apply a cream, like Suave Smooth Performer Anti-Frizz Cream to damp hair. You can then let your hair air-dry or you can blow-dry it after.

If you are aware of difficult and damaging everyday short hair styling, pay attention to SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Smooth & Hold Multi-Styling Mousse, which moisturizes and nourishes your hair with natural proteins, adds texture and manageability at the same time.

bixie haircut blonde hair
In fact, bixie hairstyle doesn’t require too much styling. Photo credit:

To touch up your hair between washes, you can never go wrong with a good dry shampoo.

We love Dove Care Between Washed Clarifying Dry Shampoo because it instantly absorbs excess oil, giving your hair a lift at the root without any residue.

bixie haircut brown hair
With dry shampoo, your hair will always look fresh. Photo credit:

What is a Mixie Haircut

Now you know what is a bixie haircut, but you may also have heard about mixie haircut. So, what is mixie? Likewise, it’s simply the combination of a pixie and mullet haircut.

bixie haircut blonde violet hair
Mixie haircut. Photo credit:

Get Inspired with Different Types of Bixie Hairstyles

It’s no secret, that the same haircut can look way different, depending on hair type, hair color, or styling. Just look at the examples below, and pick your best option.

bixie haircut blue hair
Also, a short haircut is a great opportunity to experiment with hair color. Photo credit:

1. Curly Bixie Haircut

For curly hair, you can ask your stylist for a dry cut technique, to make sure that your locks will keep their natural shape at the cut point. So, you won’t need to put too much effort in everyday styling.

bixie haircut brown wavy hair
Voluminous curls in a bixie cut. Photo credit:

2. Side Part Bixie

To add texture and show the layers, you can style your bixie with a side parting. Stylists usually recommend changing the sides from time to time to keep your hair voluminous.

bixie haircut brown hair side part
Bixie side part style. Photo credit:

3. Bixie Hairstyle with an Outward Flip

This way of styling will give your hair a little bit of a retro vibe, and hair flip is back in trend. All you need is to side-part your hair, and blow dry, waving your hair tips outwards.

bixie haircut brown hair side part
Side part bixie with a hair flip. Photo credit:

4. Bixie with Root Volume

For straight hair that lacks volume, a blowout style is a savior. Blow dry your hair with a round brush, and lift and curl your roots at the top of your head to make your hair fluffy and accentuate layers.

bixie haircut brown hair
Probably, any hairstyle looks a little bit better with a root volume. Photo credit:

5. Bixie with a Shaved Back

Modern haircuts are so varied, that you can undoubtedly add another haircut element, which you like, and create your own unique style. For, example, how about adding an undercut shaved back to your bixie to lift the back of your head and create fluffy layers?

bixie haircut blonde hair undercut
Bixie with a shaved back. Photo credit:

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