5 Iconic Curly Lob Hairstyles to Try this Season and Beyond

This length will help your curls *thrive* like never before.

The curly bob is proof that curls often live their very best lives at a shorter length. This in-between style isn’t too short, but it still allows your curls to maintain their bounce instead of getting dragged down by their own weight.

The curly lob has been all over Instagram as of late, and it’s giving us major Spring 2022 vibes. With a handful of curly hair-specific products, you can wear this length with confidence and ease.

5 Curly Lob Hairstyles

Are you thinking about trying out this length? Read on for inspiration:

1. Bright Dimension

curly lob highlights dimension
Photo credit: Instagram.com/indielatina

The way the light hits this curly lob tells us everything we need to know about the power of dimensional highlights. Brighten up your curls to mimic Ali’s style by bringing this inspiration photo in to your stylist.

2. Corkscrew Curls with Bangs

curly lob defined curls
Photo credit: Instagram.com/micahbarnes

Leave it to Micah Barnes, UK-based model and curly hair aficionado, to show us how the curly lob is done. Whoever said curly girls can’t rock a fringe was sorely mistaken!

Give your curls added definition by using TRESemmé Pro Care Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo will lock in that precious moisture for curls that really bounce and shine.

3. Cropped Curly Lob

curly lob
Photo credit: Instagram.com/beatricemilio

The lob is officially categorized as a longer lob, but there are still some options within that. Take this gorgeous curly lob Beatrice Milio is rocking here! This length is full of movement and bounce and offers a cropped alternative to the classic lob.

4. Soft Curly Lob

curly lob soft
Photo credit: Instagram.com/fiorasalonstudio

Get rid of frizz once and for all while still achieving a natural curly look by using an anti-frizz product specifically formulated for curly hair. This particular look was created by the experts at the Fiora Salon Studio!

Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil & Angelica Essence Moisturizing Hair Conditioner for Curls and Waves is our latest obsession for curly hair. This new release from Love Beauty and Planet offers moisture and subtle hold and keeps frizz at bay!

5. Layered Curly Lob

curly bob brushed
Photo credit: Instagram.com/itsinbal

The secret to curls that hold their shape is all in the layers. Take Inbal‘s gorgeous signature curls for example. The shorter layers allow for a perfectly shaped lob and curls that hold their own.

Are you thinking about trying out one of these curly lobs? Be sure to grab a picture of the results and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!


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