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Editor’s Choice: Dove Endless Waves’ Permanently Upgraded My Wavy Hair Routine

A reimagined wavy hair routine thanks to Dove innovations.

Cultivating the perfect wavy hair routine is simply not as easy as it sounds. While there are many products on the market geared specifically towards curly or straight strands, wavy hair just doesn’t get the same amount of attention. The new Dove Endless Waves duo is filling an important gap in the hair care market and I knew I had to test it out.

My Upgraded Wavy Hair Routine

dove endless waves wavy hair routine
Dove Endless Waves Shampoo and Conditioner

About My Hair

My hair is thick, wavy, and often seems to have a mind of its own. Until I learned that my wash and care system and methods would have the biggest impact on the way my hair air-dried, I would often straighten my hair into oblivion and hope no humidity would cross my path. Luckily, it was the early 2000s and stick straight hair was on-trend.

Nowadays, I try to let my hair air-dry as often as possible to avoid any added damage and I rely on my shampoo and conditioner to give me a head start on smooth and defined waves. Once my hair is dry, I’ll use a curling iron to define my waves. I’ll follow up with a flexible-hold hairspray to lock in the texture.

The Endless Waves Duo

My wavy hair routine got a major upgrade with a brand new line from Dove.

When I heard about Dove Endless Waves Shampoo and Conditioner, I couldn’t wait to test out a shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for my hair type.

In the past, products for curly hair often weighed my strands down. This duo promised smooth any frizz and leave my hair shiny and defined.

dove wavy hair routine
The results of my new wavy hair routine!

The Results

In the summer months, I take my hair washing routine even more seriously than usual as I try to combat the heat and sweat buildup. Glamorous, I know. That being said, I need a shampoo that will suds up and leave my hair feeling both clean and hydrated.

My first impression of the Dove Endless Waves Shampoo was the creamy consistency and suds-ability. I worked the shampoo through each section of my hair and rinsed thoroughly. Then I followed up with the the Dove Endless Waves Conditioner. While I was rinsing out the conditioner, I noticed how smooth and silky my hair felt.

The real test came a few hours later when my strands were completely dry. My hair had dried in soft and subtle waves, had some volume at the roots, and felt both clean and hydrated.

Would you consider testing out this new shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for wavy hair?

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