Chinese Hairstyles: 30+ Trendy, Edgy and Super-Fresh Styles for CNY

Try a fresh, new hairstyle to kick off the Year of the Metal Rat.

Beauty-wise, if you’re anything like us you’re looking for quick ways to refresh your look. Take a cue from our fave directional Chinese hairstyles to pave the way for this year’s trending looks, especially as Chinese New Year rolls around on Saturday, January 25.

From bowl cuts to micro fringes to sexy waves, we’re definitely looking Eastbound for the latest in cutting-edge looks. (Fun fact: China is now booming with around 400 millennials, which is five times more than the U.S. and is actually more than what the U.S. and Canada have, combined. How’s that for setting the tone for global trends?)

Chinese Hairstyles to Ring In the Lunar New Year

Read on to see our roundup of fab Chinese hairstyles to jumpstart your Lunar New Year, Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái!

1. The ’20s Fringe

chinese hairstyles 20s fringe
That Marcel wave tho. Photo credit:

Channel your inner Flapper with this sultry shellacked fringe you can achieve via pin-curling. This deep side part adds instant dimension and glamour to your strands and a neat low bun finishes off the look in the chicest way.

2. Bouncy Blowout

chinese hairstyles bouncy blowout
Split hair in the middle for a fresh, swingy vibe. Photo credit:

Show off that healthy head of dark hair with a fresh, swingy blowout, parted in the middle. A perfect blowout will add instant volume to your strands both at the roots and throughout the length of your style.

3. Blunt Bangs

chinese hairstyles blunt bangs
Cut your fringe straight across for a sharp, directional look. Photo credit:

Thick, straight hair is the best foundation for a runway-worthy blunt fringe. Talk to your stylist about incorporating more hair than usual into your fringe for a thicker and more dimensional look.

4. One-Length Bob

chinese hairstyles one-length bob
Tuck one side behind your ear for some ladylike charm.

A blunt, chin-length bob is popular for good reason: It’s wildly flattering on thicker, straighter hair types and also accentuates a rounder chin.

5. Bowlcut

chinese hairstyles bowlcut
Rounder faces get the best end of the deal with a bowlcut. Photo credit:

This classic ’80s shape is experiencing a huge renaissance today. The bowl cut is an ideal way to opt for a short style and make a trendy statement while doing so. The perfectly blended layers make for the smoothest transition.

6. Copper

chinese hairstyles copper
Red tones flatter the yellow undertones in Asian women. Photo credit: Dvora

Can’t make the cut? Opt for a bright new shade instead, like this rich copper hue that livens up Asian skin tones. The great thing about this hue is that it works for a range of seasons and will look perfect in the winter through the summer!

7. Crimped

chinese hairstyles crimped
Choose a more avant-garde take on curling hair. Photo credit:

Crimps are a fashion-forward way of adding texture to super-straight hair. This 2021 trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and we can’t get enough of the mermaid vibes.

8. Full Bangs

chinese hairstyles full bangs
Sweep them to the side for work, wear them blown-out for play. Photo credit:

A sexy, side-parted bang is equal parts mod and come-hither. Curtain bangs are all the rage these days and we love this iteration of them.

9. Gelled Pixie

chinese hairstyles gelled pixie
A fierce look we can get behind. Photo credit:

Infuse some edge into your crop by raking in some gel to create a slicked-back look. We like the runway feel we get from TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Sculpting Gel.

10. Gray

chinese hairstyles gray
Opt for a bit of a smudgier root to allow for fewer touchups. Photo credit:

The ashy trend is still going strong and looks particularly fresh on hair with a bit of wispy texture. Pair your new hue with a layered haircut to achieve this style!

11. Half-Up Beehive

chinese hairstyles half-up beehive
Keep it a bit imprecise for a more modern, bedhead-y feel. Photo credit:

If the ’60s was your jam, you’re in luck: This updated version of the iconic volumized style is now back on the block.

12. Long and Layered

chinese hairstyles long and layered
A jet-black hue sets off a pure scarlet lip like no other. Photo credit:

Nothing beats a classic, especially when paired with a killer red lip. This look is as glamorous as it gets and requires little-to-no style.

13. Undercut

chinese hairstyles undercut
Pull hair back to showcase that trendy shave. Photo credit:

This shaven look can be worn up for maximum impact, or down for more conservative situations. We love a multi-tasking haircut.

14. Medium Length

chinese hairstyles medium length
This shoulder-length lob is popular, flattering and oh-so-versatile. Photo credit:

Why mess with a good thing? This versatile length is truly all-occasion. It looks equal parts chic and mature and long, young, and fun!

15. Micro Bob

chinese hairstyles micro bob
Ask your stylist for a blunt bob that’s around lip length. Photo credit:

Straight, dark hair shows off the angles of this chunky cut to the hilt.

16. Micro Fringe

chinese hairstyles micro fringe
A cute baby bang is just the right accent to babyfaced features. Photo credit:

Smooth, high foreheads can definitely pull off the baby bang, which remains one of the hottest trends of the past few years.

17. Natural

chinese hairstyles natural
We’re loving the freshness of this girl-next-door hairstyle. Photo credit:

We love a fluffy, freshly-washed sheen! TRESemmé Thick and Full Balm helps us achieve that fuller effect too.

18. Off-Center

chinese hairstyles off-center
Flip your part over to the lesser-worn side for more volume. Photo credit:

Playing with your part helps add volume to fine, flat hair. Flip your hair over in a new direction to add instant lift at the roots. Use a bit of water to retrain the part to sit a little more easily and embrace the volume this trick brings!

19. Dyed Crop

chinese hairstyles dyed crop
Play with wash-out or color mousse options too.

Want to take your short cut to the next level? Add some bright tetra hues to the bang area, which really pop against dark hair.

20. S-Wave

chinese hairstyles s-wave
Holding the barrel horizontally gives that trademark S-shape. Photo credit:

Hold your curling iron horizontally to achieve this more structured curl. A tiny spritz of Suave Natural Smooth Micro Mist Hairspray helps keep the shape intact without any stiffness.

21. Shag

chinese hairstyles shag
Pair with a sooty eye for more drama. Photo credit:

The sexy shag is one of our fave Chinese hairstyles for its innate edgy, jetsetting sex appeal.

22. Space Buns

chinese hairstyles space buns
Keep the ends spiky for true on-trend appeal. Photo credit:

Kicky and fun, and also a great look for growing out last year’s curtain bangs. It’s also a great way to add some height to flatter strands.

23. Staticky Braid

chinese hairstyles staticky braid
A fun four-strand braid or a fishtail plait team awesomely with this look. Photo credit:

Asian hair is typically thick and straight and gets a bit more visual interest when paired with some texture around the hairline. Set with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1 to lock this textured style in.

24. Straight

chinese hairstyles straight
Long, lush, straight locks are a classic for a reason. Photo credit:

Not to say that wearing it in its full, straight, thick glory doesn’t have its rewards, as seen here. This style is smooth, sleek, and classic in the best way.

25. Tucked

chinese hairstyles tucked
Hack your way to a faux bob by tucking in your ends. Photo credit:

Got a flyaway/split-end problem? Easy: Tuck it in, if you’re still a few nudges away from making that hair appointment.

26. Twisted Updo

chinese hairstyles twisted half updo
Looks great with resin earrings too. Photo credit:

Paired with statement sunnies, you’re all set to traipse into the new season. We consider this look to be “instant glamour” and we can’t get enough of it.

27. Twisted Low Bun

chinese hairstyles twisted low bun
Every gal needs a sophisticated, grown-up bun in her arsenal. Photo credit:

Sophistication at its most unadulterated. Twist your hair back into a low bun for an easy and chic look that keeps your strands away from your face and off your neck. This is a perfect warm-weather style!

28. Waterfall Braid

chinese hairstyles waterfall braid
Start from a deeply-parted hairline to create a sexy, side-sweeping effect. Photo credit:

Create a fun, basket-weave effect on your fringe with this creative braid. Click here for a full tutorial. We love the unexpected angles this look brings!

29. Wavy

chinese hairstyles wavy
These center-parted waves will be everywhere. Photo credit:

There’s no questioning the appeal of some ’70s disco waves, which help give rounder faces more contour.

30. Wisps

chinese hairstyles wisps
Loose tendrils soften any look. Photo credit:

Chinese hairstyles benefit a lot from added texture, such as wisps, which help elevate a basic updo.

31. Wispy Bob

chinese hairstyles wispy bob
This look is both youthful and current.

Take that texture to your fringe and keep the rest of your cut simple, for a look that has the best of both worlds.

Are you thinking about trying any of these Chinese hairstyles?


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