15 Spring Hair Colors Inspired by the Pantone Color Book Report for 2022

Let the color trends of the year inspire your new hair color.

Fashion, home decor, and of course, hair color trends, are following the Pantone color book report that has officially been released. The collection includes a wide range of shades that range from bright and bold colors to more subdued neutral hues. With something for everyone in the report, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing hair color inspiration in every shade.

Pantone describes the collection as, “contrasting colors that bring together our co-existing desires for rest and relaxation with exuberant expression.”

Pantone color book
The full range of colors.

Keep reading to take a look at 15 spring hair color ideas inspired by the Pantone color book report for 2022.

1. Lava Falls

Pantone color book lava falls
This vibrant red color is inspired by the hue Lava Falls.

Add instant vibrancy and flair to your look by opting for this bright red hair color. Inspired by the Pantone color book shade Lava Falls, this bold red hue is particularly flattering on darker complexions.

2. Samoan Sun

Pantone color book samoan sun
Samoan Sun is represented here with this vibrant blonde hue.

This sunset-inspired hue is a beautiful golden shade of yellow inspired by Samoan Sun. Vibrant and infused with golden tones, this yellow hair color is not for the faint of heart.

3. Orange Tiger

Pantone color book orange tiger
Orange tiger strands? Don’t mind if we do.

Orange Tiger is the most beautiful orange-gold tone. Opting to incorporate the hair color in your braids means no lasting damage to your strands.

4. Rose Violet

Pantone color book rose violet
Add a pop of this rose violet hue.

Rose Violet is a bright pink color with purple undertones. We love the idea of incorporating this look just at the front of your hairstyle for a bold pop of color.

5. Amazon

Pantone color book amazon
Hints of green pay tribute to the Amazon shade.

Infuse your hairstyle with shades of Amazon green. These thicker highlights make a major statement and contrast beautifully with darker strands.

6. Nosegay

Pantone color book nosegay
This baby pink hue is one of our favorites.

Nosegay is the baby pink hair color we didn’t know we needed. Soft, buttery, and undeniably pink, this unique shade is a total showstopper.

7. Waterspout

Pantone color book waterspout
The waterspout is a bright blue hue.

This Waterspout shade is the mermaid hair color that dreams are made of. Shimmery and ethereal, this shade of blue hair color has an almost iridescent finish.

8. Caramel Café

Pantone color book caramel cafe
Caramel hues add a touch of warmth to any style.

This more mainstream hair color is inspired by the shade ‘Caramel Café’ and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Softly blended caramel hues will remind you of your morning latte.

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9. Midnight

Pantone color book midnight
Blend a bold hair color into your natural hue.

Bold, beautiful, and full of dimension, this Midnight-inspired pop of color is an unexpected way to incorporate a bright color into your style.

10. Martini Olive

Pantone color book martini olive
Threads of olive green make this look pop.

You may not think of green hair color as a flattering shade but this inspiration photo proves otherwise. Martini olive is one of the more fall-inspired colors in the Pantone color book report and it’s beautiful when incorporated into a braided style.

11. Arctic Wolf

pantone color book arctic wolf
This icy hue is what blonde dreams are made of.

Don’t stray too far into your wild side. Instead, opt for a more traditional icy blonde hue like this one.

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12. Autumn Blonde

pantone color book autumn blonde
We can’t get enough of this blonde shade.

Alternatively, this Autumn Blonde hue will allow you to go lighter with your hair color while still maintaining a warmer effect.

13. Polar Night

pantone color book polar night
Add a touch of drama.

Not quite ready to think about taking the plunge into dark black hair? Consider a style like this that blends two contrasting colors.

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14. Loden Frost

pantone color book
Use accessories to make a color statement.

Loden Frost is a more challenging hair color to achieve, but it’s possible to accessories in this hue! Any succulent-inspired hair accessory will help you achieve this color story.

15. Chiseled Stone

pantone color book chiseled stone
Gray hair color reimagined.

Finally, Chiseled Stone is a modern twist on classic gray hair colors. Dark gray strands work beautifully on every skin tone and will make a major statement.

Are you thinking about trying out any of these styles? Be sure to grab a picture and tag us over @AllThingsHairUS!


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