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De-Stress and Show Yourself Some Love with this Calming Scalp Massage Guide

Relax and let the de-stressing begin with this scalp massage routine.

It’s time to take your mental and physical health into your own hands with an at-home scalp massage to de-stress. Giving yourself a much-needed, tension-relieving massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and relax when you’re at home. You don’t need to wait for your hairstylist or a massage therapist to give you the scalp rub you crave, you can do it by yourself. Add in an exfoliator or oil for added nourishment and you’ll be in a zen state in no time, experiencing the calming massage you deserve.

Relax with this At-Home Scalp Massage to De-Stress

We’ve rounded up a tutorial and some important info to help you achieve the perfect scalp massage to de-stress.

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De-stress with a relaxing scalp massage that you can give yourself.

Step 1: Apply scalp exfoliator or oil.

Start by taking a scoop or dollop of exfoliator or hair oil. You can choose to take a larger amount of product to cover your whole head or you can work in sections to be more thorough with product application.

Step 2: Massage in circular motions.

Give yourself a scalp massage to de-stress by using your fingertips to creating circular motions around your head. Spend a few sections in each area, really allowing your muscles to relax and loosen. Start at the front of your head and work your way back to make sure you’re being thorough.

Step 3: Focus on pressure points.

As you massage your scalp you can begin to focus your fingers on some pressure points to help further alleviate stress. Spend some extra time massaging your temples, the crown of your head, the base of your head, and behind your ears. All of these areas hold extra tension, so giving them more of your attention will help release extra stress and feel even more relaxing.

Step 4: Rinse off product.

Once you’ve massaged for about 5-10 minutes, you can jump in the shower to rinse out your product. If you decided to go with oil you can sleep with it in to add more moisture to your strands and wash it out in the morning. When you get in the shower and rinse out your product, you can continue massaging as you rinse for added relaxation.

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There are many benefits to scalp massages beyond just feeling good!

Benefits of a Scalp Massage

There are more benefits to giving yourself a scalp massage to de-stress beyond it feeling really nice. Giving yourself a massage can help you mentally relax and promote a healthier scalp and hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

By giving yourself a scalp massage you are also encouraging blood flow to the scalp. This blood flow can help stimulate the cells located at the base of the hair follicle, encouraging the promotion of hair growth.

Can Alleviate Headaches

If you’re suffering from headaches or even migraines, giving yourself a scalp massage can help reduce their frequency. Massaging can alleviate the tension in your scalp and head, preventing the on-set of tension-induced headaches.

Helps Relax the Nervous System

Massaging your scalp will relax your central nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in your head. It will also promote healthy blood flow and circulation, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy body.

Reduces Muscle Tension

Scalp massage to de-stress is focused on releasing pent-up muscle tension. When you relax your muscles and help create blood flow and release toxins, you’re also lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress hormone levels, and lowering your heart rate. All of these benefits lead to lower stress levels and a more relaxed state.

Top Products for an At-Home Scalp Massage to De-Stress

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Use these top scalp massage products to leave your scalp happy and healthy.

1. Nexxus Scalp Inergy Gentle Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

This scalp scrub is great for removing impurities and buildup, but gently and without irritation. The micro-exfoliating sugars and moisturizers are perfect for giving yourself a relaxing scalp massage without risking too much exfoliation. Try this product if you have sensitive skin and need that extra gentle touch.

2. Suave Professionals Castor Oil & Mango Butter for Natural Hair and Scalp Oil

You don’t only have to use products that claim to be scrubs or thick balms to give yourself a scalp massage to de-stress. Oil-based products are also great for enriching the scalp and creating a frictionless base for a smooth massage. This scalp oil is great for natural hair types and works to nourish strands and promote healthy-looking hair.

3. Love Beauty and Planet Delightful Detox Charcoal & Bergamot Shampoo Scrub

If you’re looking for a product you can use in the shower as a scalp scrub and a shampoo, then this is the product for you. Use this product to cleanse your strands and massage your scalp for the perfect multitasking treatment. This is a great product to introduce into your weekly routine when you need to remove product buildup and want a relaxing scalp massage, too.

Now that you’ve got the technique down and a list of the top products to use, your scalp massage to de-stress should be out of this world. Remember to treat yourself weekly to this massage, it holds multiple benefits for your hair and your mental health.

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