6 Scalp Exfoliation Benefits That Will Make You Buy a Scalp Scrub

Say goodbye to product build-up and dull strands.

Scalp care is often overlooked when it comes to creating your overall hair care regime. However, it’s important to know that caring for your scalp is just as important as the shampoo, conditioner, and creams you use. One of the most popular ways to care for your scalp is exfoliation. There are many scalp exfoliation benefits, so it doesn’t hurt to try it out and start incorporating it into your routine.

Keep scrolling to find out how scalp exfoliation benefits both your scalp and hair.

girl applying shampoo to scalp
Scalp care is just as important as regular hair care.

Feeling skeptical about scalp exfoliation? Wondering what it can actually do for your hair? Scroll down to learn more about scalp exfoliation benefits.

1. Removes Product Build-Up

Dry shampoo, root volume spray, and even your shampoo are all products that can cause build-up on your strands. While shampoo does an amazing job cleansing your strands, over time, the build-up can occur, and it helps to use something a little more intense to remove it. That’s where a scalp scrub comes into play. A scalp scrub is used pre-poo and helps deeply cleanse and exfoliate your scalp and hair.

2. Scalp Exfoliation Benefits: Can Help with Hair Growth

Just like your body, foliating your scalp removes dead skin cells, promoting cell turnover. When you exfoliate, you’re removing dead skin cells quicker than if they were to shed naturally, and when they shed, your hair has a healthier environment to grow. Because of this, a healthier environment can help promote hair growth.

3. Boost Hair Product Effectiveness

You’ve probably caught on by now; exfoliation removes your scalp’s build-up and dead skin. When your hair and scalp aren’t covered in the build-up, your hair products are able to penetrate your scalp better and easier, leading to more effective results. One product this is especially true is a scalp serum, like Love Beauty and Planet Soothe & Nourish Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Scalp Serum.

4. Scalp Exfoliation Can Help with Flakes

Whether you’re dealing with a flaky scalp from dry, cold weather or you’re experiencing dandruff, one of the best scalp exfoliation benefits can be helping to improve flaking. Just pick your favorite scrub and start using it one to two times per week.

5. Promotes Shinier Hair

While you’re exfoliating your scalp, you’re removing all of the gunk that can clog your hair follicles. If your hair follicles are clogged, it can lead to your hair not being as healthy when it grows. Once the follicles are cleared, your strands will grow healthier, making them look shinier.

6. Scalp Exfoliation Benefits: Makes Hair Healthier

Hair health starts at the root. If you don’t have a healthy scalp, you expect to immaculate hair. Regularly removing build-up and dead skin promotes overall healthier.

scalp scrub
A shampoo scrub is very beneficial to your scalp and hair.

So, you want to start exfoliating your scalp? Find out how and how often you should be doing this for the best results.

Scrub or Shampoo Scrub

The easiest and most common way to exfoliate your scalp is by using a scrub or shampoo scrub. A scalp scrub is a product that is used before shampooing your strands. It helps exfoliate the skin on your scalp, clearing the hair follicles and removing product build-up. One of our favorite scalp scrubs is Nexxus Clean & Pure Invigorating Detox Scalp Scrub. This product detoxifies and clarifies your scalp, and we love how it can be used on any hair type.

If you want a 2-in-1 product, a shampoo scrub is a great option. This product exfoliates your scalp while also cleansing your scalp and hair as any shampoo would. If this sounds like something you want, use Love Beauty and Planet Delightful Detox Charcoal & Bergamot Shampoo Scrub. We love this product because it uses charcoal and coconut husk to exfoliate and cleanse your scalp. Bergamot oil for hair also creates a barrier against frizz and smooths hair cuticles.


If you don’t want to use an actual scrub, another way to exfoliate your scalp is with a brush. These are circular, handheld, and brushed with rubber or plastic teeth that help massage and stimulate the blood flow of your scalp. You can get a brush like this at the drugstore or high-end beauty retailers. However, you want to make sure you use it in small circular motions over your head to avoid tangling your strands.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Scalp

When it comes to exfoliating your scalp, it’s best to do it one to two times per week. Exfoliating more often can make your scalp more sensitive and cause over-exfoliation, which can dry out your strands and remove the natural oils on your scalp. If you start with two times per week and it feels a bit harsh, scale down to one time.


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