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Hair Cares: The Best Post-Workout Hair Care Routine

Learn how to reduce workout hair damage.

Whether you’re a gym aficionado or like to train a couple of times a week, your hair often takes a toll during and after workouts. Sweat, heat, and friction can leave your locks looking dull, frizzy, and even damaged. So how to keep your tresses healthy, vibrant, and full of life without stressing your hair even more? You asked we answered with all the best post-workout hair care tips and tricks.

Is Sweat Good or Bad for the Hair and Scalp?

is seat dangerous for your hair pink tank
Sweat is not (always) your enemy.

Firstly, no need to panic about sweat. It’s a natural reaction and you should embrace it (but always rehydrate!). You may actually be surprised that sweating can have a positive impact on hair health. Sweating helps open clogged pores and follicles, aiding the elimination of bacteria and built-up grime.

However, too much sweat can damage your tresses. Sweat, in fact, contains lactic acid that combined with keratin in your hair can lead to damage. What’s more, sweat can worsen scalp conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff. If you suffer from any of these, let your scalp heal first before engaging in a heavy sweat session.

But don’t forget that sweat is made 99% of water and only 1% of salt and fats, and it won’t damage your hair on its own. Read on for the best pre-and post-workout hair care routines for fit and shiny strands in and out of the gym.

Pre-Workout Hair Care Tips

Caring for your strands actually starts even before you warm up. Choosing the right hairstyle for your workout combined with nourishing products will help reduce damage and protect your locks.

What’s the Best Workout Hairstyle?

If you’ve always stuck to a high ponytail, you might have to rethink your workout updo. Depending on the intensity of your workout, different hairstyles can help manage sweat and leave your hair healthy. If you’re going for a low-intensity class, choose a simple style like braids or a loose bun, that can easily turn into stylish curls and soft waves after your workout.

For higher-intensity training where your hairline will get wet, go for side braids, ponytails, and buns. Use traceless hair rings that won’t tangle or break your hair, while still having a stronghold.

easy hairstyles for a headband
Use a large headband to keep you relevantly sweat-free.

Lastly, for super sweaty workouts try combining your updo with a sweatband or air wrap. Only remove them once your hair is completely dry.

Pre-Workout Hair Care

The heat your body releases during a workout can make some hair products more effective, by aiding them penetrate into your scalp, like hair masks. Apply a nourishing mask like Dove Hair Mask + Minerals Strengthens + White Clay from root to tip and style your hair in a ponytail or bun. Post-workout, comb your treatment, and rinse for perfectly styled hair.

Another tip involves dry shampoo. Did you know it’s better to use it before you workout? Applying it on wet hair will cause a cakey residue resulting from the powder and water effect.

The Best Post Workout Hair Care

Now the burning question is, should you wash your hair after every workout? The good news is that most hair types can skip washing every day, even if you build up sweat. Generally, thin and fine hair will require washing after a workout more often than coarse hair, but overwashing can strip the natural oils off your hair, so it’s never recommended.

However, if your workout involves swimming, you might want to wash chlorine off your hair to avoid build-up. You’ll usually know when your hair needs a wash, as your scalp might become itchy and your strands won’t smell as good as you want them to. So what’s the best post-workout hair care for no-wash days?

post workout hair care conditioner
You can do a co-wash only using conditioner.

Rinse your hair without shampoo

After a workout, you can simply rinse your hair without shampoo to remove dead cells and build-up. You can also co-wash (using only conditioner) to lock in moisture and keep your tresses shiny.

Apply hair oil

Another way to seal moisture in or rehydrate your strands is to apply hair oil. Since sweating opens up the pores, it’s essential you nourish your locks immediately after. Choose a lightweight option that won’t add pressure to your hair and will work throughout the day.

Brush your hair

Take advantage of the natural oils released during your workout. Gently brush your hair to distribute oils from root to tip

Use a hair detangler

Tying your hair in ponytails and braids is likely to cause some tangling in your strands. Use a hair detangle like Suave Professionals Cream Detangler Spray to remove any knots and keep your hair smooth and soft.

Keep your hair strong

Sweaty hair stretches and swells, becoming more prone to breakage. Make sure you keep your hair healthy and strong by adding a fortifying product to your at-home routine, like Nexxus Scalp Inergy Paraben Free Leave-In Conditioner.

Use a scalp scrub

If you work out regularly, on top of sweating, using products like dry shampoo can leave buildup on your scalp. Cleanse it by applying a scrub at least once a week.

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