5 Sweat-Free Hairstyles for Working Out

Don't sweat it!

Does your New Year’s resolution have you going to the gym more often? With all of that shredding calories and breaking a sweat going on, you’ll probably be needing a few sweat-free hairstyles in your hairstyling repertoire. While the classic ponytail will always be a tried and true favorite, we also wanted to remind you that there are more gym-friendly styles out that there. Not only great for keeping your hair off your neck, these sweat-free hairstyles will ensure that your hair stays tangle-free. Oh, and all of our picks are easy-to-create and super cute! Read on to check out some of our top five sweat-free hairstyles:

 Sweat-Free Hairstyles to Wear at Your Next Gym Sesh

sweat-free hairstyles we love: space buns
Chic and controlled space buns get your hair out of your face so you can break a sweat. Photo credit: Epicurean Emily

1. Space Buns

We love checking out the adventures of blogger Emily of Epicurean Emilyand her fashion and stories are equally exciting. For this sweat-free inspired look, we are sharing her cool space buns that feature 90s-inspired high mini buns. This is perfect for the gym where you would simply create two high pigtails, and then twist your hair around each bun and tie or pin the buns in place Bonus: after your sweat session you can redo this style, covering up any sweat/oils, as you rock one of the hottest on-trend hairstyles.

sweat-free hairstyles twist
A style so pretty, you can wear it anytime.

2. Quickie Twisted Updo

This updo looks totally chic! But, it’s also great for workouts because it keeps all of your hair tucked away. No need to get that sweaty ponytail look anymore! To make French twists into sweat-free hairstyles, you’ll need to think about how you’ll secure the style. Typically this look is held together with extra long bobby pins. But, bobby pins can become super annoying when you work out. A better option would be to use a big hair clip. It’s easy to put in (and take out) if you need to quickly twist your hair out of your face.

sweat-free hairstyles french braid
Knot possible.

3. Three-Strand Braid

There will always be a place in our gym hairstyle repertoire for the classic three-strand braid. If braiding still stumps you, check out our step-by-step French braid tutorial. This style is particularly great if you have long hair where your hair will be instantly out of your face. This is also one of our favorite post-workout hairstyles to wear when we don’t have time for a shower. Simply use Dove Refresh & Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo to help refresh and revive your hair.

sweat-free hairstyles topknot
This easy peasy style makes your hair a non-issue.

4. Top Knot

To get all of your hair truly out of sight and out of mind, go for the classic top knot. It’s the type of sweat-free hairstyles that is perfect for high intensity workouts. If you have a bunch of baby hairs that drive you crazy, you can always slick them down with a little hair wax. Because there is seriously nothing more annoying than sweaty baby hairs sticking to your face! Use Bed Head By TIGI Stick to hold down your little hairs.

sweat-free hairstyles the loop bun
Loop it and forget it.

5. Loop Bun

Remember the loop bun of the early ’80s? It’s a great way to pull your hair out of your face in about two seconds. Just pull your hair into a regular ponytail. But, instead of pulling your hair all the way through the hair tie, only pull it halfway through. This gives you the little loop, and keeps your hair off your sweaty neck.

Need more sweat-free hairstyles to keep your hair off your neck? Check out these six gymnast inspired hairstyles.

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