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How to Create a Spring Hair Care Regimen for Natural Hair

A simple guide for transitioning your current hair care routine to one that works for the coming seasons.

If you’re in NYC, you’re probably thinking spring is never going to get here! You’re still wearing heavy-duty winter gear, cancelling weekend plans because it’s too cold, and utilizing heavy hairstyling products like thick hair creams and oils to keep your moisturizing game on point. No matter what the forecast is within the coming days, soon you’ll be needing to switch to a hair care regimen for natural hair that’s suitable for warmer days.

So why not make use of this time to start creating your wish list of all the products you’ll be needing come spring. This is how to stay ahead of the game! Take this time to research and carefully curate an effective hair routine for your precious curls. We’ve created a simple guide to get you started. Read on:

Spring Hair Care Regimen for Natural Hair: Expert Tips and Advice

young woman carrying out detangling hair care regimen for natural hair on her hair.
For warmer months, create a hair care regimen for natural hair that has frizz-fighting formulas.

1. Hair Wash Regimen for Natural Hair

Since there is a bit more moisture in the air during the spring months, you can probably get away with replacing your deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioners with those that cater to preventing frizz. Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner cleanses hair and keep frizz under control. If you’re planning on wearing straight styles during this season (more power to you) consider following up with a leave-in conditioner that protects hair from the damaging effects of heat.

You can follow-up your wash regimen with The Good Stuff Intensive Nourishment Cream before heat styling. This creamy product leaves hair super soft (like, extremely soft) and shiny.

hair care regimen for natural hair on a woman with frizzy hair
From voluminous styles to defined curls, add products to your hairstyling routine that give you the results you want. Photo credit:

2. Styling Routine for Natural Hair

When it comes to styling your hair during the spring season, this is where you want to focus on employing products into your hairstyling routine that make it long-lasting. Check our guide for what hairspray to use on your natural hair to help decide on which hairstyle finishers are the best for you.

With your new routine, you should find that your hair is manageable if you’re using products that leave it soft and easy to detangle. At night be sure to re-moisturize when needed, and seal with a light oil. You really won’t be needing any of the heavy-duty oils. Switch out your castor oils for styling oils, like Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil instead. For shine and definition to your curls, Suave Curl Defining Cream can help nourish your hair, while also making it manageable and shiny!

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