Curly Hair Issues: 5 Scenarios and How to Deal

You've got some curly hair problems and we've got the solutions. Read on for answers to five of your curly hair issues.

We apologize on behalf of all curly girls who make you think that having curly hair is easy. Well, to be honest, it actually may be so for many, but do keep in mind they have had their curly hair issues, too. For those that just entered the curly world after transitioning, styling and caring for your hair can be a challenge. While transitioning, you’re researching new hair products, spending hours binge-watching YouTube tutorials, and taking screenshots of beautiful curly hairstyles on Instagram. The feeling is exciting until you try out your favorite hairstyles on your own hair. Bummer!

Nailing new hairstyles aren’t the only struggle curly gals. Products can make some burst into tears. Your friend raves about a gel and how bouncy it makes her hair, you buy it, and your hair looks a hot mess. This isn’t to deter you from product recommendations, but do take into consideration that you have to do your own research as well. Try out many products until you find the one!

Failed hairstyles and product trial and errors aren’t the only thing that drives us up a wall. Here’s a list of five curly hair issues almost every curly girl faces and some easy ways to fix them.

1. The Pineapple Hairstyle Doesn’t Work for You

Yes, the pineapple is an effective way to preserve your curly hairstyles. However, the pineapple method a girl with 3c hair would use is not the same one a girl with type 4 hair would find success with. A quick fix, multiple pineapples work better for thicker curl textures. To do this method, part hair into four sections and create loose pineapple ponytails on each section. Try it out and you won’t wake up with pancake curls.

2. The Wash and Go Trial and Error

The wash and go is sometimes a no-no for many. Tried the exact routine and the exact products your favorite blogger used and it was a huge fail? We’ve all been there it’s ok! Consider finding your own technique. It’s all about finding the styling routine and products that work for you. Need help? Check out how Mini Marley achieves her wash and go styles.

curly hair issues
Kick those curly hair issues in the butt! Happy curls equal a happy girl!

3. Hand-in-Hair Syndrome

We all just love to twirl our curlicues around our fingers. Sometimes we’re doing it and don’t even realize. Listen up ladies, the hand-in-hair syndrome has got to stop. Playing with your hair can lead to split ends and cause frizz to your styles. So try your best to keep your hands out of your hair unless you’re washing or styling it.

4. Rainy Days Are Better Known As Bad Hair Days

These are the days we have to cover our heads with a hat until we’ve reached our destination. Some prefer not to do this, especially on a warm summer day and a hat is the last thing you want on your head. Yes, this hair type craves moisture but once a rain drop hits, it’s over for that perfect twist out. We suggest using an anti-frizz product like The Good Stuff Frizz Control Oil to repel as much water as possible so you can save your style, but please, walk with your umbrella!

5. How in The World Do We Avoid Hat Hair?

Raise your hands if you’ve given up on hats? Ahh! You’re not alone. Wearing hats on curly hair is the ultimate struggle. You take it off and it’s like you’ve stuck your finger into a socket and got electrocuted. Ok, I’m kidding. But hats can cause frizz, so if you’re still rocking them be sure to coat your hair with an oil, like Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oilbefore placing a hat on your head.

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