Sweaty Hair: How to Maintain Your Style During Workout

Keep your hair fresh during your next sweat session using this easy hack.

Washing your makeup-free face after attending your favorite yoga class definitely feels super refreshing, and not to mention easier to do than committing to a hair wash after a major sweat session. The sweatiness and stickiness you feel after removing a ponytail post-hour long treadmill run are rough. We know from firsthand experience: Sweaty hair and scalps are not cute.

Believe it or not, a lot of women use sweaty strands as an excuse to avoid the gym, and we totally get that. I mean, who wants to ruin perfect curls for the sake of a workout? Recently, we spoke to Chicago-based hairstylist and makeup artist Etta Polstein about this phenomenon. We were pretty excited when we heard her expert advice. Spoiler alert: The secret to avoiding sweaty hair is all in the styling.

sweaty hair high ponytail
Ditch your usual high ponytail in favor of something more breathable.

As workout clothes have become more mainstream (a.k.a. a totally legitimate outfit choice), it makes sense that we put more thought into the rest of our workout look, too. Waterproof mascara? Check. Color-coordinating scrunchie? Of course. However, when it comes to styling your hair for your workout, your go-to ponytail might not be doing you any favors.

Ditch the Pony

While a ponytail does an effective job of keeping your hair out of your face, it doesn’t do you any favors in the sweat department. Instead, break out your favorite headband. “Use a headband at the gym instead of tying your hair back into a ponytail,” Polstein says. “It will help the flow of air to your scalp and keep it nice and dry and prevent oils from getting trapped in your hair.”

When you tie your hair into a constricting ponytail, all the sweat stays trapped inside the style. By using a headband to keep your strands out of your face, you allow your scalp and strands to breathe while you sweat.

Use All the Dry Shampoo

If you’re looking for some extra insurance for your strands, you’ll want to spray dry shampoo. We love using Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo right after a workout. Make sure to keep a bottle in your gym bag and spray your roots after the sweat has dried. This dry shampoo will have a refreshing cooling effect on your scalp as it soaks up excess oils and restores pre-workout volume to your strands.

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