Best Shampoo for Shiny Hair: What We’re Using for Healthy-Looking Hair

These shampoos will leave your hair shiny and strong. 

We’re at a time in which dry, matte hair is the new black. Everyone is doing it and it seems to be the hottest hair trend when it comes to texture. While having a desert dry and matte texture are what make up the best looking messy hairstyles (as seen on the runways), there are many of us that still admire hairstyles with shine. How do we achieve that? With the right products, of course!

We have been preaching over and over that your best hairstyles begin during the hair wash stage, that’s because it’s true. A good shampoo that enhances shine may be all you need to get that shiny look you’re after. However, you shouldn’t look for shampoos that only add shine to your hair. What about all of the other hair issues you want to control or prevent, like damage? We’ve tested a few shiny hair shampoos that all live up to their claims of protecting and adding shine to our tresses we’re sharing them with you. Read on to learn more about the best shampoo for shiny hair picks that are currently on rotation for us.

Best Shampoo for Shiny Hair: Our Top Three Picks

best shampoo for shiny hair: waves
How to find the best shampoo for shiny hair? Look for formulas that tout long-lasting shine.

1. Dove Radiant Shine Shampoo

If you’re the type that must wash your hair every single day, this shampoo is for you. With a gentle formula, this shampoo works to cleanse and add shine to normal hair types. Need more? Consider this to be your shampoo for hair protection as well. The system works to nourish and protect your strands from daily wear and tear, making it the best shampoo for shiny hair for daily use and hair strengthening. Awesome!

2. Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo

Natural hair oils, like Moroccan oil, are great for applying onto hair while styling to add shine. Why not get a shampoo that has Moroccan oil infused into the formula along with many other ingredients that are beneficial to your hair. The formulation of this shampoo adds a visible shine and a long lasting fragrance. Can it get any better than this?

3. Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Strengthening Shampoo

Before we deep-dive into how good this shampoo is, did you read about the benefits of using honey? And did you also read our review on this honey infusion line? Take a look, and head back to this post! This formula is your one-stop-shop for cleansing, strengthening and adding shine where your hair will be soft and easy to manage. Bonus: it will add a luxurious scent to your hair.

Now that you know how to choose the best shampoo for shiny hair that also protects your strands, it’s now time to show the world how you style your sleek and shiny mane. Need a new style to try? Here’s how you can create 15 different sleek hair looks this season