The Best Deep Conditioner for Damaged Hair

The first step: assessing your current state of affairs.

Damaged hair is a bit more finicky than regular hair: It’s drier and has been through the wringer, whether by color processing, excessive heat styling or other treatments. Damaged hair is also more prone to becoming porous and unmanageable, due to the change in its structure. Most of us find that a deep conditioner for damaged hair is necessary to have in our hair care regimens in order to keep our locks in optimum condition.

We’ve got the scoop on the best deep conditioner for damaged hair that you need to try, which might just come in handy as the weather turns. Read on:

best deep conditioner for damaged hair in salon
Some salons offer a deep conditioning treatment after your session.

A deep conditioning treatment, or deep conditioner, usually comes in a tub or vial form. It delivers a potent shot of moisture and nourishment to particularly vulnerable strands. They can also be tailored to meet specific needs and help you out wherever state you find your hair in at any given time. Allow us to illustrate:

1. Post-Color-Processed Hair

Hair is especially vulnerable after it’s been bleached or lifted during a coloring treatment (particularly true when going blonde or going for a “fashion red”). Strands can be prone to breakage, which is why a lot of salons like to soak hair in a conditioning treatment after coloring to help fortify strands during your session. Investing in an effective treatment at home can help give similar results, without the time and money hassle of stepping out for an appointment. Nexxus Emergencee Reconstructing Treatment has a unique keratin formulation that stops damage by reconstructing the foundation of the hair strand, while dramatically improving the condition (and shine!) of hair in one use. Suggested use: one vial used after shampoo and before conditioner, once a week.

2. Dry, Worn, Overstyled Hair

Deep conditioner for damaged hair can also help neutralize the brunt from strands put under the hair dryer. A formula infused with a known emollient, such as coconut oil or coconut milk, can help give hair a resuscitating boost of hydration—kind of like a weekly adrenaline shot, but for your strands. Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask does just the job and manages to deliver intense hydration (up to 10 times more moisture!) in just one use. Suggested use: once or twice a week after shampooing, as needed.

best deep conditioner for damaged hair
Silky smooth hair is always #goals. Photo credit:

3. Frizzy, Unmanageable Hair

Frizzy hair can be tricky to whip into shape. Too much moisture and you risk it going limp, too little leaves your strands undernourished and vulnerable to weather. A hair mask infused with an oil, such as Argan or Marula, is a great option for those who want a lightweight feel without compromising the smoothening effect. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask is formulated with keratin and Marula oil to deeply nourish each strand, which helps keep frizziness and the dreaded pouf at bay. Suggested use: once or twice a week in lieu of conditioner for smoother, silkier hair.