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Inside the Bottle: Ceramide is the Nourishment You Hair Has Been Missing

It's time to have moisturized and protected strands everyday.

Ceramide has been one of the buzziest ingredients in the beauty industry. We see so many products infused with the ingredient, whether it’s a lotion, shampoo, or moisturizer. Ceramide is a popular ingredient that creates a barrier to protect your skin or hair from environmental factors and moisture loss. So, it’s a no-brainer why this would pop up in so many products.

Keep scrolling to learn more about ceramide and find out how you can start incorporating it into your hair care routine.

All About Ceramides

Not familiar with ceramide for hair? Learn more about the ingredient here.

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Use ceramide to achieve shiny, moisturized hair. Photo Credit: Craig Alexander

What is Ceramide?

To get specific, ceramides are a family of lipids found in skin cells. In fact, they make up around 30% to 40% of the outer layer of your skin. We commonly see this ingredient in skincare because it plays such a huge role in helping your skin retain moisture. The ceramides create a protective layer on your skin that helps lock moisture into your skin and even help prevent germs from entering your body. Plus, ceramides also act as the first step of protection against pollution.

The ceramide in your skin can decrease as you get older, making your skin drier and more prone to irritation. This is why it’s important to replenish it through your skincare products. Hey, nobody wants to deal with dry skin if they don’t have to.

While you are most likely to see ceramide added to lotion, moisturizer, and other skincare products, we’ve been seeing it within more and more hair care products too.

How Can Ceramide Help Your Hair?

So, you have a pretty good understanding of ceramide for hair and how it helps your skin, but you might be left wondering, “Can this benefit my hair too?” The answer to that? Yes, definitely!

When this ingredient is present in your hair care products, it works by sealing your hair cuticle closed to help your strands retain moisture and prevent external damage. You get the same benefits as you would into your skin but in your hair, so it’s truly a win-win situation. Why wouldn’t you want to try out ceramides?

How to Use Ceramide in Your Hair

So, you’re curious about using the ingredient? We mean, who wouldn’t be? Learn how you can start using this must-have moisture ingredient in your hair.

Shampoo with Ceramide and Conditioner

When it comes to changing your hair routine, you’ll see the biggest improvement when you switch up your shampoo and conditioner. We love Dove Hair Therapy Rescue & Protect Shampoo and Dove Hair Therapy Rescue & Protect Serum + Conditioner. These products are infused with ceramide and peptide, which help strengthen the internal hair bond and seal split ends. This shampoo is also sulfate-free, making it a good option for people who want to repair over-processed hair.

The conditioner is very unique because it includes a 2-in-1 chamber design. Half of the bottle has the conditioner, and the other half has the ceramide and peptide-infused serum. When you squeeze out the product, mix the conditioner and serum together in your hand and then apply them like a normal conditioner.

Hair Serum

Dove Hair Therapy Brilliant Gloss Repair + Ceramide Serum is one of our favorite hair serums. This product is formulated for damaged hair and includes ceramide, which helps protect your hair, seal split ends, and add shine. Plus, we love how it nourishes and smooths hair too.

Another reason we love this serum is the fact that it can be used on damp or dry hair. Either apply it on wet strands when you get out of the shower or use it as the final touch of your style on dry hair.

Were you wanting more moisture and less damage? Ceramide hair products can help you achieve these hair goals in no time.


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