5 Hottest Stitch Braids Styles of the Season

We can't get enough of this easy-to-wear protective style.

If you are looking for a unique and easy-to-wear protective style, stitch braids might be the look for you. Ultra-precise parting sets this braided style apart and helps to create that stitched look. Even sections, expert braiding, and lots of skill go into creating any stitch braids style.

We spoke to Bryiel, a Baltimore-based stylist and braiding expert all about stitch braid styles she’s created. Read on to get some stitch braids inspiration and learn how to care for your scalp while wearing this protective style.

1. Heart Stitch Braids

stitch braids
Photo and styling credit: instagram.com/busybry_

Have some fun with your style and ask your stylist to add a design to your protective hairstyle. This look includes a small heart-shaped design on the side and then extends into loose braids the rest of the way down. We love this style because it blends a classic look with a touch of edgy personality.

2. Classic Stitch Braids

stitch braids
Photo and styling credit: instagram.com/busybry_

Are you looking for a classic stitch braids style? Consider a style like this one that shows off your stylist’s expert braiding skills and keeps all of your hair out of your face. You can see the precision involved in creating stitch braids style perfectly here!

3. Unique Stitch Braids

stitch braids design
Photo and styling credit: instagram.com/busybry_

Protective hairstyles like these are a unique opportunity to show off your personality. Consider this look if you are up for an edgier and more unique style! By alternating the direction of the braids, Bryiel created a truly unique look for this client.

4. Stitch Braids

Photo and styling credit: instagram.com/busybry_

This ultra-tight and expertly-created style is the epitome of stitch braids inspiration! Simple, easy-to-wear, and beautiful, this style is easily one of our favorites in this collection.

5. Heart-Inspired Stitch Braids

Photo and styling credit: instagram.com/busybry_

Another heart-inspired style, this looks perfect for anyone looking to change up their usual style. The best way to ensure that your style ends up how you envisioned it is to bring an inspirational photo to your stylist! Bookmark this article for easy reference next time you head to the salon.

Scalp care and braid upkeep are especially important when wearing a protective style. Make sure to keep your strands moisturized and gently cleanse your scalp to keep everything in tip-top shape.

We recommend using a product like SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Scalp Soother. This formula is infused with Tea Tree Oil, Borage Seed Oil, and Aloe Vera, which help moisturize the scalp immediately. Use the pointed tip applicator to target your scalp with ease and quickly relieve any tightness or itchiness.

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