Messy Hair: Fashion Month’s Biggest Statement for Men

The men at fashion month are making a case for the 'less is more' motto.

The golden rule when it comes to any kind of art is that you need to learn the rules before you can break them. The same goes for hair—and it’s no surprise that textured and loose looks are following after the resurgence of slicked back, carefully coiffed styles of seasons past. Messy hair is the rule-breaking response to the buttoned-up styles we’ve seen and these textured, easy styles are one of our favorite trends to date.

Sexy, tousled hair is always a yes in our book! Messy hair is a cinch to style, and the results are undeniably carefree and confident. Grab these three key products and prepare to create a messy hairstyle that personifies the hottest guys walking the streets at fashion month. Read on:

messy hair brunette scruff
Pair your messy hair with a closely shaven beard. Photo credit:

If you’re familiar with any of the aforementioned rules, you know that a great style starts in the shower. Suave Men Thick + Full 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner is the efficient thickening wash and care system of your dreams. Give your hair a boost and prepare for strands that feel and look thicker after just one shower. Simply massage the product into wet hair, let it foam up into a lather, and rinse thoroughly.

After your shower, you’ll want to towel dry your strands before raking Bed Head for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste through your hair. Whether you’re working with hair that’s on the shorter side or you’ve grown your strands out into longer locks, this styling paste will add loads of texture and movement to your hair. There’s no real technique to this part of the process, so style in any haphazard way that your hands take you and embrace that messy texture.

messy hair blonde long skater
This style works on hair of any length. Photo credit:

Lastly, mist your hair with Suave Extreme Hold Unscented Aerosol Hairspray. This unassuming hairspray will lock your texture in place and give your hair an intentional finish. The results? Easy, messy hair that will give you that bad boy meets fashion week vibe.