8 Mother of the Bride Hairstyles Perfect for the Big Day

Classy wedding hairstyles. 

Besides your own wedding day, it doesn’t get much more exciting than attending your daughter’s wedding. As part of your wedding prep, be sure to make time to test out a few mother-of-the-bride hairstyles that you can wear comfortably (and confidently) as you watch your ‘baby’ walk down the aisle. You’ll want a hairstyle that looks like you but with an extra polish and maybe even a wave or a cool updo?

To help you out, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite mother-of-the-bride hairstyles to inspire your look for the big day. Keep reading to check out some fun hairstyles that you can wear to your daughter’s wedding.

Mother of the bride hairstyles loose curly
Looking for mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair? Opt for a loose wave for your daughter’s big day.

1. Loosely Curled Blowout

For a relaxed but still put-together mother of the bride hair, try on a mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair, like opting for some loose curls. You can make it an extra pampering treat by getting a curled salon blowout, or you can do it yourself at home. If you choose to take the latter route, be sure to protect your hair from any heat damage by using The Good Stuff Weightless Protection Mist. For loose curls, use a large barrel curling iron and curl larger two-inch sections all the way around your hair.

mother of the bride hairstyles bob
A sleek bob is fab example of a mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair;  a great way to wear your hair for your daughter’s wedding.

2. Super Sleek Stacked Bob

A super chic mother of the bride hairstyle for short hair is this sleek and refined look. Ask your hairdresser to add layers to your bob haircut to make it into a stacked bob. Start this style with damp, freshly washed hair. Next, blow-dry your hair backward, away from your face, using a round brush for added volume and bend.

mother of the bride hairstyles to try
Mother of the bride hairstyles are always chic and fun.

3. Pinned Back Perfection

For a classy wedding style that works on all hair types and lengths, try out the pinned back look. Mother of the bride hairstyles like this one are pretty much foolproof because you start by washing, drying, and setting your hair however you are accustomed. If you like to keep your hair straight or curly this look will work well either way. Have long hair? Pull it back into an effortlessly chic chignon. If you have shorter hair, all you will need to do is pin it back behind your ears and voila! It’s perfect mother-of-the-bride hair.

mother of the bride hairstyles
Pixie cuts are always great mother of the bride hairstyles

4.  Swept Back Pixie

Pixie haircuts are always a good idea. If you’ve got a pixie cut, switch up your style by changing the direction in which your hair falls. Styling a pixie backward gives an instant glamorous effect, and perfect for mother-of-the-bride hair. There are two different ways to get this style depending on the length of your pixie. For a super short cut, you can blow-dry your hair back until it is totally dry and set. If you have a little more hair to work with, use a thin flat iron and twist your hair away from your face. Either way, to keep your style set for the big event, use Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hair Spray.

mother of the bride hairstyles lob
A lob is a great option when looking for mother-of-the-bride hairstyles.

5. Straight Lob

Adding volume to thin hair may seem like a challenge but with the right tricks and tools, it’s no problem at all. Styles like this are best done on day old hair. Instead of washing your hair, use Bed Head By TIGI Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo. This will refresh your hair and add volume at the roots. For extra volume, very lightly tease from the middle to ends of your hair.

Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles: Twisted Updo
Mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair meet the twisted updo!

6. Twisted Updo

A twisted updo is a wedding hair classic that works incredibly on medium-length to long hair. After you brush your hair, collect it into a low ponytail. Then, twist your hair as you go up towards the middle of your hair and clip the style in place. For reference, check out our French twist tutorial so that you can try out this look before your daughter’s special day.

mother of the bride hairstyles: tousled bob
Go for a tousled effect for your daughter’s big day.

7. Tousled Bob

For the wedding day, you can update your signature bob hairstyle by adding a tousled effect to the look. Use a curling iron to curl sections of hair and comb through to create an effortless, lived-in feel.

mother of the bride hairstyles: wedge bob
Perfect style for any occasion.

8. Super Short Wedge Bob

If you already have your hair styled into a wedge bob like this, you’re in luck. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for mother-of-the-bride hairstyles or not, you don’t have to do any changes to your hairstyle.


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